Computing and E-Safety

E-Safety at Dunholme St Chad’s Primary School

In a modern world, using the internet and devices that include web-based activities is an everyday part of life. The internet is a fantastic tool for learning and enjoyment and is used in school on a daily basis. However, this comes with some potential dangers. This is why we believe it is important that children learn how to use the internet and technological devices safely when browsing and communicating with other members of the online community.

In School

E-safety is an essential part of our school curriculum. We ensure all children receive appropriate age-related e-safety lessons throughout the year- through schemes of work in class, assemblies, workshops and educational visitors trained in such areas. We also like to inform parents of relevant information through newsletters, our school website and links to other websites.

We aim to ensure all children and their parents know how children should behave when online in order to ensure that they are safe.

At home

We would encourage all parents to ensure that they have appropriate filters and parental controls at home on devices that children can access online material. This includes: computers, laptops, gaming consoles, hand-held devices and mobile phones.

We would also suggest that parents regularly monitor their children’s online activity and review sites that they have visited in order to discuss positive behaviours. All children should be aware that any information they post online is open to misuse by others. Therefore it is important that children are made aware of the potential risks that can occur even when acting in innocence. This is why it is important that school and home work together to safeguard every child. An example of this would be not posting photos or videos that may identify any child’s name, location or school. A good way of monitoring this, may be to ensure equipment that connects to the internet is only used in family spaces or that your child's online time is monitored.  


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