Year 1

Welcome to Year 1. Miss Christian and Mrs Ashall look forward to working with you this year.

Our themes this year are:

Term 1: Long, Long Ago

Term 2: Winter Wonderland

Term 3: Now and then

Term 4: Eco Warriors

Term 5: Our Village

Term 6: Animal Kingdom

Please visit the curriculum page for links to these themes.

Star of the Week and Pride of the week

We have had a great start to Year 1 and Miss Christian has been noticing children for all the right reasons!

Our Star of the Week and Pride of the week are two important awards that we give out each week! Each week we look for something different for the Pride of the week which we decide as a class and the star of the week is for a stand-out super star of the week! I know everyone is working hard to win these prestigious awards!

Well done everyone!


Star of the week- Amelie

Pride of the week- Nicole



Star of the Week- Max

Pride of the week- Dacie-Mae



Star of the Week - Khaley

Pride of the Week- Erin



Star of the week- Amelia

Pride of the week- Luna



Star of the week- Cristina

Pride of the week- Lilly Rose



Star of the week- Elsie

Pride of the week- Kane



Star of the week- Hugo

Pride of the week- Riley



Star of the week- Anabel

Pride of the week- Elsie



Star of the week- Hallie

Pride of the week- Isaac



Star of the week- Oscar

Pride of the week- Amelia



Star of the Week- Freddie

Pride of the week-  Zoe



Star of the week- Louie

Pride of the week- Jayden



Star of the week- Poppy

Pride of the week- Harrison



Star of the week-Ben

Pride of the week- Peyton



Star of the Week- Amelia- Alice

Pride of the week- Susanna



Star of the week- William

Pride of the week- Anabel



Star of the week- Nicole

Pride of the Week- Max



Star of the Week- Lilly-Rose

Pride of the week- David



Star of the Week- Harrison

Pride of the Week- Bentley




Star of the Week- Erin

Pride of the Week- Hallie



Star of the Week- Zoe

Pride of the Week- Louie



Star of the Week- Kane

Pride of the Week- Khaley



Star of the Week- Luna

Pride of the Week- Hugo



Star of the Week- David

Pride of the Week- Poppy



Star of the Week- Dacie- Mae

Pride of the Week- Louie



Star of the Week- Susanna

Pride of the Week- Ben



Star of the Week- Jayden

Pride of the Week- Cristina



Star of the Week- Bentley

Pride of the Week- Oscar



Star of the Week-

Pride of the Week-


Castle Trip

Year one and two had a fantastic trip to Lincoln Castle last week. Whilst we were there we walked the castle walls, undertook knight training and held a banquet! The children had a great day and we learnt lots of fascinating facts.

Clay Shields

Last week all the children in Year 1 made a clay shield. They have all done an amazing job!


Winter Wonderland

Our new topic this Term is Winter Wonderland. We have got lots of brilliant activities planned from freezing and melting in Science to habitats in Geography so watch this space for more information!


Now and Then

Our new topic for this term is 'Now and Then' we have particularly been thinking about how toys have changed over the years. This week Year 1 visited the Museum of Lincolnshire Life where we took part in lots of activities including Victorian street games, a Victorian school house experience, a treasure trail  around the museum searching for Tom and Lucy's favourite things and a research session on toys. We had a fantastic day and learnt lots of new things!

Eco Warriors

Our new theme is called Eco Warriors! So far this term we have been busy as you can see from our pictures. We have planted beans, made ‘Bird cakes’ for the outdoor area and are planning to do a spot of bird watching next week to see which birds live in our school grounds. We are also going to be dong some sketching of still life including plants and fruit. Please keep popping back for more information!

The Knight's Trail

Our school are very proud and excited to be part of the forthcoming Knight’s Trail. As you may already know we spent a lot of time thinking of names for the knight and the successful name was ‘Armour’. Now the Knight is named we have begun thinking about its decoration. We wanted the theme of the Knight to be equality and diversity. In year 1 we have been focusing on our ambitions. We held a job fair where the children visited different tables with information about different jobs with experts (Mrs Ashall, Mrs Roden and myself!) to give children more information. Since then we have been thinking more about what we want to be when we grow up. This has culminated in our designs for the knight where we have drawn ourselves in our dream job!

Our Village

Our next topic is called 'Our Village' we will be focusing on Dunholme but also comparing environments especially the differences between town and country. In Design and Technology we will be making different buildings in Dunholme while the Year 2's will focus on a village in Switzerland, we will set out our model village on the last week of term to share with our family and friends.

Animal Kingdom

Our last topic of this academic year is Animal Kingdom. We will be thinking about both animals and humans. We will learn about different species of animals and where they live in the world. The children are really looking forward to our new topic and have already started to ask questions about it. Keep checking back to see our fantastic topic work!

Year 1 Wedding

Today we have celebrated our Year 1 wedding! Reverend Adam led the service, celebrating the 'special friendship' of our Bride and Groom. Everybody carried out their role with great enthusiasm. It was fantastic to share this special occasion with our friends and families. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the big day!