Changing a Life Forever - Y6 Set Out on a Mission!

Year 6 are supporting Visayans Sponsor a Child Project. These children are living on a dumpsite. This is a global problem. And you can help. Our goal is to raise enough money for a child's medication, education, well-being and food. We are doing this because of our class book, Trash, which tells us all about dumpsite children and we wish to stop this.

Please follow this link to learn more about the charity and how it aims to help a child, who is living on a dumpsite in the Philippines:


Many of us are not aware of the world around us. In thousands of dumpsites around the world, hundreds of thousands of children, wearing rags and no footwear, scavenge around, desperate to make money, working up to ten hours a day to earn as little as a £1.


They are looking for food and items they can trade for money. Trapped on the dumpsite, these helpless children suffer dramatically from skin conditions and diseases such as tuberculosis.


Every day, more and more children wake up to the vile stench of trash. They wake up to a life with no happiness, no fun.


Huge chewing monsters open their mouths - spitting out rubbish onto the huge piles; the piles that can crush a small, hungry child. Vulnerable children, as young as six, are at risk of being crushed by the rubbish trucks as they crawl through trash. Everyone’s hands are so sore; it is like having them in a mouse-trap. Walking through a dumpsite, humans weep in sorrow and hatred, slowly drowning between piles of wet trash. It’s like quick-sand, yanking the children into a temple full of burning lava.


These vulnerable children live in poverty. They are defenceless and weak, living in despair. These worthless, ragged humans live in a city of garbage. At night, children rock around on nothing, like shaking on an unstable boat in a storm.


They could have a proper education. They could have a house. They could have a family. They could have a life. All this could be possible, if you support Y6 in its fund-raising.


Y6 Fundraising days to ‘sponsor a child’


Y6 have decided to help sponsor a dumpsite child. To do that, we need your help!


We will hold numerous fundraising events such as:


Non-uniform day (7th March) Thank you for helping us raise £113.91!

Easter egg hunt (4th April) Thank you for helping us raise £50 after eggs!

the Great George Quiz and dress in red and white day raised £104.63 and

red and white cake stall £78.34 - 23rd April - 

see 'latest news' for details.

Congratulations to Thomas in Reception, whose family won the 'Great George Quiz'!

Talent show coming soon ...


thank you for supporting us and helping

to make a difference to a child's future.


Just by attending these events you could save a child’s life.


Thank you for caring.


These children live in poor states. They have no family, no money or no fun. They need clean water, food and shelters fast. They also need education because it’s through education that people get jobs, earn money and start their lives.


If you support our fund-raising, these children can have an education and unlock their dreams.

Education is the key.