Hot School Meals


Hot School Meals at Dunholme St Chad's School


Our hot school meals are provided by Wills Diner at William Farr School.  All children in KS1 are entitled to a free meal every day, as part of the Universal Infant Free School Meals scheme introduced in September 2014, together with those children in KS2 with free school meal entitlement.

Other children in KS2 can order a hot meal at a cost of £2.50 per day.

If your child would like to have a hot school meal every day, please ask for further details at the school office.

Hot school meals for all children will need to be ordered and paid for through WisePay.


WEEK 1 - WEEK 7 - 2018 2019

Gluten Free and Dairy Free Menu, Term 1 2018 - 2019

Vegan Menu, Term 1 2018 - 2019

TERM 2 - 2018 2019

Gluten Free and Dairy free Menu, Term 2, 2018-2019

Vegan Menu, Term 2, 2108 - 2019

Click on the link below to order and pay for your child's hot school meal:

Meet our Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Karen Sharp (Senior Lunchtime Supervisor), Mrs Angie Booth, Mrs Sue Rickells, Miss Nikita Rickells and 

Mrs Abbie Ward