We will be running our Summer Holiday Club as usual for two weeks in the Summer Holidays. These will be the weeks commencing 31st July and 7th August. Further details, including booking details, will be available from next term. 




Our morning registers continue to be particularly busy, with no places available on Wednesday mornings and limited places available on all others days.  We will always do our best to meet any requests for places but please be aware that regular bookings (same day/days through the term, payable in advance at the beginning of the term) will take precedence over ad hoc requests (including on our Wednesday waiting list) and we are currently only able to offer Breakfast sessions, not Drop-Off, on Mondays and Tuesdays. (Obviously children can be dropped off at any point during the session but Breakfast session prices will be charged). We will update this information as (and if) additional places become available, and when we are able to offer Drop-off sessions on those days again.

We will have more spaces available in September 2017 due to places made available when our Year 6 children leave. If you are interested in places in September, please do contact us and put your child/children on our waiting list.  



Yes - we are aware that date is in the future but we're asking for your help ahead of time!  As you will probably be aware, the Christmas Tree Lighting and Christmas Fayre will be taking place after school  on 2nd Dec.  Kids' Club will be taking part in this event, selling hot food, the all-important reindeer food, decorations made by the children - and our regular 'Cups of Fun'.  We would be extremely grateful for donations of any items we can use to fill the cups: sweets, small toys, cosmetic/bath items (suitable for children), and other gift type items. If you have anything you can donate, please drop it off at the club at any point up to Tuesday 29th Nov. Thank you!




A reminder that we currently have no regular places available on Wednesday mornings. If you are interested in booking places for Wednesday morning, please contact Karen to put your child's name on our waiting list. If you only require an ad hoc place, we may be able to accommodate these requests if we have absences (for example, due to illness) on that day. Please do call to enquire but be aware that we may not be able to confirm places until the morning session has already started and please be aware that the place must be confirmed before you arrive.  




A big thank you to everyone who attended/donated/helped at the jumble sale on Saturday, with particular thanks to Mrs. Rawson and her indomitable crew. Thanks to all of their (very) hard work, an amazing £400 was raised for Kids' Club. This will go towards paying for additional resources, chosen by the children. (So far a fire engine and a unicorn are topping the request list!)




A reminder that we  enjoy outdoor play in all weather so now that the weather is getting colder and wetter, and the field is getting muddier, you may want to send wellies and trousers that can be worn over uniform. All children in Reception Class, Y1, Y2 and Y3 should already have wellies in school and will be able to use those. Y4, 5 & 6 children should bring wellies in a bag which they can keep on their cloakroom peg.