School Governors

October 2016

Dear Families

Welcome to our school on behalf of Governors.

Our role:
Our role as Governors is to set the strategic direction for the school and we do this through the school’s vision. We want to keep this simple and relevant – external factors are constantly changing and evolving, but the vision for school remains relevant.

Our vision:
“We aspire to be a school, which families actively choose, knowing their children will be happy and listened to. Our children will enjoy an inspirational curriculum and exceptional teaching which empowers learning.”

We have a strategic plan and a school improvement plan to support the delivery of the school’s vision and we measure our progress and performance.

The Governors are also responsible for holding the Head Teacher to account for the performance of staff and pupils; and making sure that the schools financial performance delivers good value too.

Since becoming a Governor, I’ve been inspired by the commitment and dedication of those who give up their time to make a positive contribution to the school. We want to enable teachers and support staff to deliver the school’s vision and to ensure high standards of achievement for all children in the school.

Claire Lea, Chair of Governors

Full Governing Body

  Name of Governor Representing Term of Office


Mrs Claire Lea

Co-opted 1/09/2015 30/08/2019  
Vice Chair: Mrs Karen Elvidge Foundation 10/04/2016 10/04/2020  


Mrs Kathleen Taylor

Co-opted 11/11/2014 10/11/2018  


Mrs Patricia Ruff

Head teacher 01/09/2007 N/A  


Miss Jess Gibson

Staff 01/11/2016 31/10/2020  


Mrs Angela Hopson

Foundation 21/02/2015 20/02/2019  





Mrs Esther Watt-Jones

Parent 22/09/2014 21/09/2018  
Mrs Paula Cullen Parent







Mr Stuart Hanson

Parent 30/09/2016 29/09/2020  


Mrs Sue Rawlins

Local Authority 30/09/2016  29/09/2020   


Vacancy x 3

Mrs Cathryn Gant Clerk 04/01/2017

Governor Pen Portraits:

Pupils and Curriculum

Chair: Mrs Karen Elvidge
  Mrs Patricia Ruff
  Mrs Angela Hopson
  Mrs Kathleen Taylor
  Mr Stuart Hanson
  Miss Jess Gibson
  Mrs Claire Lea

Finance and Premises

Chair: Mrs Esther Watt Jones
  Mrs Patricia Ruff
Mrs Claire Lea

Mrs Sue Rawlins        

Mrs Paula Cullen


We are currently seeking to appoint a co-opted governor. If you would like to be part of our Governing team and in particular have a sound financial background, we would love to hear from you.  Please contact our Clerk to Governors, Mrs Cathryn Gant via the email address below for more information.

Attendance Record

Terms of Reference - The role and procedures of the Governing Body

Code of Conduct for Governors

Governor Committees Policy

Declaration of Financial Interest

Date of next meeting:

Governing Body AGM Tuesday 13th September 2016
Finance Committee Tuesday 18th October 2016
Pupils & Curriculum Tuesday 22nd November 2016
Full Governing Body Tuesday 13th December 2016
Finance Committee Tuesday 17th January 2017
Pupils & Curriculum Tuesday 21st February 2017
Full Governing Body Tuesday 21st March 2017
Finance Committee Tuesday 25th April 2017
Pupils & Curriculum Tuesday 20th June 2017
Full Governing Body Tuesday 11th July 2017