Meet the team from September 2016

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Senior Leadership Team:

Headteacher: Mrs Patricia Ruff

Assistant Headteacher (acting for academic year 2016/17): Mrs Catherine Ackroyd

SENDCo: Mrs Sara Bristow


Teaching Teams:

Upper Key Stage 2

Year 6 Class Teacher - Mr Carl Parkin

Year 6 Teaching Assistant - Mrs Fiona Gresham 

Year 6 Teaching Assistant - Mrs Sonya Bannister

Year 5 Class Teacher - Miss Jess Gibson

Year 5 Teaching Assistant - Mrs Juliet Manterfield

Lower Key Stage 2

Year 4 Teacher - Miss Suzi Balasz

Year 4 Teaching Assistant - Mrs Lisa Williamson

Year 3 Teacher - Mrs Emily Mayer

Year 3 Teacher - Mrs Vicky Hubert

Key Stage 1

Year 2 Class Teacher - Mrs Catherine Ackroyd

Year 2 Teacher - Mrs Angela Dawson

Year 2 Teaching Assistant - Mrs Wendy Roberts

Year 1 Class Teacher - Miss Holly Christian

Year 1 Teaching Assistant - Mrs Gill Ashall

Early Years Foundation Stage

Reception Class Teacher - Mrs Sara Bristow

Reception Class Teacher - Mrs Emma Atkinson

Reception Class Teaching Assistant - Mrs Sue Rawson

Reception Class Teaching Assistant - Mrs Karen Maughn

Enhanced Support

Debbie Tipping - Learning Mentor

Katrina Roden - 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Music Teachers (LCC Music Service)

Singing - Mr Philip Manser

Guitar - Mr Dave Wilson

Piano - Mrs Beryl Faulkner 

Woodwind - Mrs Jenny Pope

Additional Teaching Team

Miss Shani Bell

Mrs Angela Dawson

Mrs Emily Mayer

Mrs Sarah Burnett

Support Team:

Senior Administrator: Mrs Karen McNair

Finance Support: Mrs Zoe Ashley

Administration Assistant: Mrs Laura Faria


Senior Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Maureen Rodgers

Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Angie Booth

Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Jo Buckberry

Lunchtime Supervisor: Miss Nikita Rickells

Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Sue Rickells

Lunchtime Supervisor: Miss Natasha Warrior


Caretaker:  Mr Dave Horsley

Supervisory Cleaner: Mrs Penny Thorn

School Cleaners: Mrs Angie Booth and Mr Russell Barham


Safeguarding and Wellbeing Team:

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Patricia Ruff

Designated Safeguarding Deputy: Mrs Sara Bristow

Safeguarding Governor: Mrs Esther Watt-Jones

SENDCo: Mrs Sara Bristow

Pupil Premium Champion: Mrs Patricia Ruff

Learning Mentor and Lead Professional Team Around Child: Mrs Debbie Tipping

Attendance Officer: Mrs Karen McNair

Equality, Inclusion, SEND Governor: Mrs Karen Elvidge

Outdoor Learning Lead: Miss Karen Maughn


Spiritual, Moral, Social, Cultural Team:

SMSC including International Schools: Miss Suzi Balasz

Religious Education: Mrs Emma Atkinson

Collective Worship: Mrs Patricia Ruff and Mrs Emma Atkinson

Collective Worship and RE Governor: Mrs Angela Hopson

Church School Leadership Governors: Mrs Angela Hopson, Mrs Karen Elvidge

Bishop's Visitor: Mr Glynn Jones

Clergy: Reverend Adam Watson, Reverend Carol Jones and Reverend Rachel Heskins


Curriculum Leaders:

English: Miss Jess Gibson

Communication, Language and Literacy (CLL) and Phonics Lead: Mrs Sara Bristow

Modern Foreign Language: Mr Adam Clayton 

Maths: Mrs Emma Atkinson and Mr Carl Parkin

Science, Design and Technology: Miss Suzi Balasz

Computing and IT: Mr Carl Parkin

Sports Premium and Physical Education in partnership with Cherry Willingham Sports Consortium: Mrs Catherine Ackroyd

History: Miss Jess Gibson

Geography: Mr Adam Clayton (Mrs Stacey Carter)

Music Curriculum: Mr Adam Clayton 

Singing/Young Voices: Mr Carl Parkin and Mrs Emma Atkinson

Art and Design: Mrs Patricia Ruff and Miss Holly Christian


Pupil Voice and Leadership:

To be updated.


Leadership beyond the School:

Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) Training Programme: Miss Suzi Balasz

Specialist Leader in Education (SLE): Miss Suzi Balasz

Local Leader in Education (LLE): Mrs Patricia Ruff

Deployed through the Kyra Teaching Alliance


Diocesan Education Team:

Diocesan Associate Advisor: Mrs Patricia Ruff

National Society for Religious Education SIAMs Inspector:  Mrs Patricia Ruff