Freiston Thursday Evening

We had a lovely evening.  Toasted marshmallows by the camp fire, had a bit of a sing and a time for reflection.

Mrs Clayton brought a couple of extra children along to join the party.

Before bed, we came inside, showered and played a party game, followed by a bit more karaoke.

Freiston Friday

We are up!  The time is 8:17 and we are in the dining room enjoying breakfast, or falling asleep into our cereal bowls.

We are all packed with suitcases and bags down stairs - sleeping bags were a task, well done to Mrs Barnsdale.

The time is 8:50 and we are just finishing off breakfast - there's a lot of sleepy faces.  We will soon be cooking some lovely bread to bring home.

Cooking was fun; hopefully, the bread came home in one piece (well, two pieces).  We have had a relaxed day of playing outside, cooking and cleaning, organising ourselves and preparing to travel home.  This week has been amazing, seeing children at their most animated and excited.