Freiston Tuesday

Good morning.  It is now 7:49 and we are all up and playing games in the library.  Breakfast is at 8:15 and then off for a day out at Snipedales Country Park.

"I enjoyed doing archery."  Sean

"I have enjoyed doing the climbing." Lottie

"The archery and the wall climbing was great.  When you were up the wall you could see for miles." Elle

"We enjoyed the wall climbing and archery." Josh, Zak, Charlie

"We're tired!" Mr Clayton, Miss Balasz and Mrs Williamson 

"Today was awesome.  We went to the thingy majigy (Snipe Dales).  We loved making dens and getting lost in the woods and waiting for Mrs Williamson."  Chloe and Hannah

"Today was amazing!  I loved it!" Tomas

"I was very good at walking." Lottie

"I had a lot of fun."  Evie

"I liked doing the shelters." Evie

"I enjoyed doing the map thingy (orienteering) with Mr Clayton." Evie

"I have enjoyed the climbing and the archery with the bows.  I liked doing the shelters and I tried some brand new food." Harley

"I'm trying to think ..." Josh

"Forget the maps, just use your eyes." Mr Clayton