Request for Leave of Absence

In accordance with Government legislation, leave of absence, including family holidays, can only be authorised if the Headteacher is satisfied that the reason for the request is due to 'exceptional' circumstances.


In determining whether a request should be granted, the Headteacher will consider each request individually on a case by case basis taking into account the following factors:


  • the nature of the event;
  • whether advance notice has been given;
  • the pupil's overall attendance;
  • the ability to catch up on missed schooling;
  • any other relevant factors.


Whilst it is not possible to give a definite list of what may or may not constitute exceptional circumstances, examples of occasions that may be considered exceptional are:


  • parent(s) are unable to take the required leave during the school holidays;
  • family respite; the disability of a parent, pupil or sibling makes taking a holiday during the school holidays significantly more difficult;
  • military personnel returning from active duty;
  • bereavement;
  • a significant, one off, family event;
  • the absence has significant educational benefit.


In deciding whether the request for exceptional leave of absence should be authorised, the Headteacher may ask for evidence in support of the request.


If you are considering taking your child(ren) out of school during term time, please obtain a Request for Exceptional Leave of Absence form from the school office, prior to making any arrangements.  You will be required to attach evidence to the form in support of your request.  Your request will be considered by Mrs Ruff and you will receive notification in writing as to whether your it has been authorised or not.

Click here to download a request for exceptional leave of absence form 

For general enquiries about exceptional leave of absence, please speak with our Attendance Officer, Mrs Faria.