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Dunholme St Chad’s Food and Farming Day

Wednesday 24th June

Lincolnshire Show Day


As part of our school curriculum we celebrate the importance of food and farming in our country and our community. Living in Lincolnshire, we feel it is especially important for children to have an understanding of how the county relies heavily on farming.

This week, we hope children in and out of school engage in some of the activities that we have provided.

Free Virtual tickets to the Lincolnshire Show can be purchased at:


Children who are attending school on this day will have an opportunity to attend the event with their class. 

Can the children research when and why the Lincolnshire Show began? Why is it important to have the Lincolnshire Show? 

Children should be able to locate Lincolnshire on a map.

Map of Lincolnshire

BIG QUESTIONS for children to think about

What is grown in Lincolnshire?

What food is Lincolnshire famous for?

Lincolnshire is a big county. Are different things grown by farmers in different parts of the county?

Recently, scientists have begun looking at farming in space. Why do you think this is important?


The website below has some great recipes and videos linked to food and farming.



RESOURCES - Click on the links below

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