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During this period of closure, we may have lots of families experiencing different challenges and issues when it comes to children using technological devices.

Some families may not have the IT provision they need to allow all family members to be online at the same time; some may find their children are using technology too much and are worried about this; and some may be finding it a challenge to distinguish between when it is learning-related use or use for free time.

Here we aim to provide some suggestions which may help alleviate some of these issues.


Top Tips during this period:

- Does everyone need to use an iPad or internet-enabled device to complete their learning? If so, how could this be timetabled so that all get an equal access to devices in order to complete their learning and challenges?


- Could children in your household work collaboratively and support each other so that they can share resources and find things out together?


- Try to include lots of opportunities in the day that do not involve IT at all. What new skills could children be learning during this extreme circumstance that we find ourselves in? Are there any arts or hobbies that have fallen by the wayside in the past few years that could be re-explored?


- Aim to limit the amount of time children spend on devices when not learning. There are already alarming statistics for the amount of screen time our youngsters rack up each day (some up to 6 hours a day). That was before this period of home-schooling. Therefore, it is essential that we do not allow these statistics to worsen.


- Talk to your children about what they are doing online. Use this opportunity to find out what they like doing online, which apps and sites they use and discuss with them how they keep themselves safe online.


- Set clear routines and boundaries for when devices can be used. Consider, blocking out parts of the day where they can be used and other parts of the day where children have to do other things instead. 


  • Take time to explore all of the advice and articles already on our main website page regarding e-Safety and the use of IT. There is lots of useful information about safeguarding, social media and privacy settings in different apps.  
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