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Curriculum Enrichment At Dunholme ST CHad's

Problem solving on the Year 4 residential to Ilam Hall. 

Year 6 visit to William Farr during Science and Engineering Week.

Outdoor learning in Year 3.

Our school curriculum extends beyond the statutory National Curriculum and includes a wide range of enriching experiences and opportunities both within and beyond the school day. An outline of some of these experiences can be found on this page, but there are also details of specific enrichment on the individual subject pages which can be found here.

Visits and visitors

In addition to our exciting and stimulating cross-curricular themes, we also provide further opportunities to enhance children’s learning wherever possible. Every term, children experience visits and visitors to enhance learning. This could include a visit to the local museum, or a specialist coming into school to work with the children. 

Residential visits

In Years 2, 4 and 6 children take part in residential visits as part of the curriculum. These visits help develop a wide range of social and emotional skills in the children as well as supporting our curriculum by giving children the opportunity to develop their field work skills. 

Outdoor learning 

We use the principles of forest school to support the development of relationship between the learner and the natural world. It helps to develop confident, resilient and creative learners. 

Lincolnshire Music Service

Children across the school have access to the Lincolnshire Music Service for individual music lessons. In addition to this, Years 3 and 4 have a focused series of lessons using string and woodwind instruments. Each child receives their own instrument and learns how to play it as part of class lessons. This culminates in a whole school performance. 

Enrichment Days and Weeks 

Across the school year, we host a range of different enrichment days and weeks. These support many different areas of the school curriculum. Our three key enrichment weeks are Arts Week held in the Autumn Term, Science and Engineering Week held in the Spring Term and Food and Farming Week held in the Summer Term. 

Food and Farming Week 2021

Test your knowledge of Lincolnshire in our quiz. 

Come and see what we have been learning about in Food and Farming Week 2021

Working in partnership with others 

We work closely with different businesses and organisations to support the enrichment of our school curriculum. We utilise the skills of the Education Business Partnership and STEM to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This could be visits to local businesses or specialists coming into school to work with the children. We work with Bikeability to ensure children leave our school with basic cycling skills.  

Young leaders Award

Children have the opportunity to take part in the Young Leaders Award. This allows children to demonstrate their understanding our of golden threads. They see how an understanding of equality and diversity can make a difference to people's lives. They can see continuity and change as they make decisions that have an impact on their world. They aspire to become change agents and make decisions that improve the lives of others. 

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Lincolnshire Show Project 

Extra Curricular Clubs

Throughout the year, children are able to take part in a range of extra curricular clubs. These may be sport related to give children the opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities. We also run Young Voices, which allows children to go to a yearly concert where they can sing with many thousands of other children.