Dunholme St Chad's Church Of England Primary School

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Ryland Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN2 3NE



OUR Curriculum Implementation

How will we implement our curriculum? 

We will implement our curriculum by providing a broad and balanced approach which will support each one of us to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. We do this through:

  • Offering a broad and balanced curriculum which develops the whole child. This is based upon the National Curriculum, our religious education curriculum and our school curriculum.
  • Using a themed approach to planning that links learning in a purposeful way. Children have the ability to shape the learning so they can further pursue areas of interest within the learning journey.
  • Motivating and giving children the opportunity to apply their knowledge across all subject areas to demonstrate a secure understanding, knowledge and skills.
  • Creating an accessible curriculum with real life, first-hand experiences for children to apply their skills in a purposeful way.
  • Utilising local resources, our rich heritage and local skills to enable children to see their learning as purposeful so they can become responsible citizens in their own locality.
  • Utilising a range of stimuli and resources that are inclusive of the different learning styles, needs and interests of the children, enabling all children – regardless of background or ability – to succeed and achieve their ambitions.
  • Developing children’s curiosity and teaching them the importance of asking their own questions and having the opportunity to answer them in a range of different ways to enable them to take risks and challenge existing stereotypes.
  • Enabling our children to take risks, problem solve and aspire to be aspirational and successful learners.
  • Creating a mutually supportive learning environment where children are ambitious and ask the big questions about their learning, using the correct vocabulary to support them.
  • Promoting the fundamental British Values as part of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, including the use of pupil voice as a tool for school improvement.
  • Working closely with a number of partners who enhance our curriculum. For example, the Sport Partnership and the Education Business Partnership. See individual policies for details.
  • Providing a range of extra-curricular activities for children to further develop interests.
  • Supporting learning through the use of knowledge organisers that provide children with a scaffold to retain new facts and vocabulary in their long term memory. Knowledge organisers are used for pre-teaching, to support home learning and also as a part of a weekly review in lessons.