Dunholme St Chad's Church Of England Primary School

Creating a community with open hearts and open minds

Ryland Road, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN2 3NE



OUR Golden THreads

Our curriculum is driven by three golden threads that provide a framework for learning and help to deepen children’s understanding of what is being taught. These threads are big, transferable ideas that have a real world meaning and help children make sense of the world around them. These threads can be revisited within and across year groups so that children can build upon their existing knowledge.


Golden thread 1 equality and diversity

In this thread, we develop a culture of inclusion for all where everyone feels proud of their identify and is able to participate fully in school life. We investigate discrimination through history and encourage children to be change agents. Children address prejudice and bullying and support others to reach their potential. Children learn about the concepts of democracy and power. They develop an understanding of authority and justice. Our sports premium ensures all children have access to after school clubs and a range of sporting activities. 


Golden thread 2 ambition and aspiration

This thread focuses on children’s own personal ambitions as well as those of others. They look at key influential people in history and develop a key understanding of how to develop their own aspirations. Planning ensures children have opportunities to follow their own interests and develop new skills. Children learn about enterprise and develop their sense of community. Our enterprise weeks encourage ambition and aspiration through the development of their enterprise skills. This is enriched with our work alongside our range of partners such as STEM. Our Young leaders Award allows children to develop their understanding of equality and diversity alongside developing their pupil voice. We encourage a range of people to visit the school with different specialities so that children can see the different role models and aspire to different careers. Our Pupil Premium funding allows all children to participate in a range of activities so no child is left disadvantaged. 


Golden thread 3 continuity and change

The thread of continuity and change looks at how things change. They identify similarities and differences in different areas across subjects. Children make connections within and between subjects and concepts. They see how things relate to themselves and others. Children learn about sustainability and how we can have an impact on the world. Children see themselves as change agents as they develop their pupil voice. This shows them they can make changes and have an impact.