Dunholme St Chad's Church Of England Primary School

Creating a community with open hearts and open minds

At Dunholme St Chad’s Church of England Primary School we recognise the importance of children building an understanding of the world and their place within it. We began our international journey a few years ago when we linked with the Bethel Primary School in Uganda. This was a very successful project where all classes were involved working with children from Uganda. Two of our teachers visited the school and brought back lots of stories of how life differs for children at Bethel School. They also brought back lovely gifts from them to us.

We are now linked with four schools. The two in the UK are William Farr Secondary School in Dunholme and Berrymede Junior School in London. Further afield, we have linked with the Yuxin School in Beijing and a school in France. Through our work with these schools, we aim to provide children with a window into different cultures and countries and to prepare them for a life in a global society. We were very lucky in 2015 to have two of the teachers from Yuxin visit our school. They brought beautiful gifts.

For the adults at school, our international work gives us the opportunity to learn from new colleagues around the world. It shows us different ways of working and widens our horizons. Children have a real purpose to find out about different countries and cultures as they are asking real children. They love to share their ideas and knowledge.

“The International School Award framework is designed to help you create a whole school approach to international teaching and learning. It is motivational, goal based and driven by network of people and projects that help you in your work. Attaining the International School Award will recognise your school’s achievements and efforts, making it a more attractive proposition to pupils, parents and teachers alike.”

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