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Where's Mr P?

Ready for a little fun? because Mr P is on the run. But where is he?

Every day at 9:30am, Mr P will post a picture showing you the outline of the country in which he is hiding. All you have to do is work out where he is.

Once you know, you need to be able to tell him the following information about that country:

  • name of the country 
  • flag
  • capital city
  • currency
  • language 
  • continent 
  • one other interesting fact

Want to make it competitive? 


The first  FIVE people to email  Mr Parkin the correct information each day will get  10 points!

The next FIVE people to email the correct answers will receive 5 points each. That's points for the top ten each day. 

Any missing information will not be accepted. 

Remember, in the event of a tie at the end of the week, fastest combined times for the week will determine 1st  place. 

So let's see who can finish top of the leader board each week and enter Mr P's 'Hall of Fame'. 

email your answers to : carl.parkin@dunholme.lincs.sch.uk

Good Luck!

Term 6 Day 59
Term 6 Day 59

Medal clipart won, Medal won Transparent FREE for download on ...HALL OF FAME Medal clipart won, Medal won Transparent FREE for download on ...

Term 4 WEEK 1 - Faye (40 points)

Term 4 WEEK 2 - Tommy (40 points)

Term 5 Week 1 - Lucas (50 points)

Term 5 Week 2 - Thomas (50 points)

Term 5 Week 3 - Martha (45 points)

Term 5 Week 4 - Martha (50 points)

Term 5 Week 5 - Martha (50 points)

Term 6 - Week 1 - Isaac (50 points)

Term 6 - Week 2 - Isaac (50 points)

Term 6 - Week 3 - Martha (50 points)

Term 6 - Week 4 - Isaac (50 points)

Term 6 - Week 5 - ???

 WMP Week 10 Day 56 Answer.docxDownload
 WMP Week 10 Day 57 Answer.docxDownload
 WMP Week 10 Day 58 Answer.docxDownload
 WMP Week 9 Day 51 Answer.docxDownload
 WMP Week 9 Day 52 Answer.docxDownload
 WMP Week 9 Day 53 Answer.docxDownload
 WMP Week 9 Day 54 Answer.docxDownload
 WMP Week 9 Day 55 Answer.docxDownload
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Where's Mr P? Follow On Tasks

Task 1 - Keep a log of where Mr P goes and key information about the country. Over time, you will create a fantastic encyclopedia of knowledge and facts.  


Task 2 - Colour in on a map the countries visited. 


Task 3 - Create a line graph of your daily progress in the competition. Draw two axes (day 1, day 2, day 3 etc along the bottom and the numbers 1-34 up the side). Now plot your daily result. 

As the school will be closed due to the ongoing measures to combat the Coronavirus, Mr Parkin will post daily updates to THIS web page. Each day, there will maths and grammar work posted here for the children to complete in the yellow book they have already brought home. There will be no need to print anything off, unless you so desire to, as all work can be viewed on the website and completed in the book.  The maths and grammar work will consist of revision questions based on all of the work we have covered this year and in preparation for the End of Year Expectations.  Every day we will revise a new topic. There will be an information sheet to explain the concept and what to do (a CHEAT sheet) and then some questions related to the topic. We will then post the answers online for the children to self-assess their own learning. Normal classroom practice would be that any incorrect answers are re-done so that the children can figure out where they went wrong.   

Work will be online by 9:00 (normal start of school) each day. The answers will be posted at this time for the previous day's learning.   In addition to this, children should continue to read on a daily basis (Recommended reading lists can be found on the class page) and should also be learning and rehearsing their spellings. These include the 25 words for this term, the 75 words already covered this year, and any spelling patterns and rules already taught and covered from their weekly spellings which can be located in their little yellow books. A full list of the 100 Year 5/6 words are already on the Y6 class page. 

 No work will be posted during the scheduled Easter break (3rd April - 19th April). All previous content will be available to use for revision during this time. 

 If parents are still at a loss for what their children can do, there are an abundance of maths, grammar and reading materials on educational websites we use in school to resource learning. Accounts can be set up and work viewed / downloaded from Twinkl (see main page on how to access) and www.classroomsecrets.co.uk . They will have resources for all learning across year 6 and these will match up with our daily revision

Term 4 Home Learning Gallery 


Missing your weekly arithmetic tests? Yearning for a reading paper? Desperate to see if you know all of your grammar?

Here are a selection of mini-assessments you can do should you wish. The papers and answers will be published for you to complete and mark yourself. 

Remember, set yourself the correct time limits - Reading 60 mins, arithmetic 30 mins and grammar 45 mins. 

 Arithmetic Paper A - 30 mins.docxDownload
 Arithmetic Paper A answers - 30 mins.docxDownload
 Grammar Paper A - 45 mins.docxDownload
 Grammar Paper A answers - 45 mins.docxDownload
 Reading A Answers - 60 mins total to read and answer questions.docxDownload
 Reading Booklet A - 60 mins total to read and answer questions.docxDownload
 Reading Questions bookelet A - 60 mins total to read and answer questions.docxDownload
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Previous Learning Resources 

 Grammar 1 - Conjunctions Answer Sheet.docxDownload
 Grammar 1 - Conjunctions Cheat Sheet.docxDownload
 Grammar 1 - Conjunctions.rtfDownload
 Unit 1 - Division Answer Sheet.docxDownload
 Unit 1 - Division Methods Cheat Sheet.docxDownload
 Unit 1 - Division Methods Fluency.docxDownload
 Unit 1 - Division Worded Problem Solving.docxDownload
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 Grammar 2 - Determiners A Cheat Sheet.docxDownload
 Grammar 2 - Determiners C Answers.docxDownload
 Grammar 2 - Determiners.rtfDownload
 Unit 2 - A Multiplication Cheat Sheet.docxDownload
 Unit 2 - B Multiplication Fluency.docxDownload
 Unit 2 - C Multiplication Worded Probelm Solving.docxDownload
 Unit 2 - D Multiplication Answer Sheet.docxDownload
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 Grammar 3 - Pronouns A Cheat Sheet.docxDownload
 Grammar 3 - Pronouns B Questions.docxDownload
 Grammar 3 - Pronouns C Answers.docxDownload
 Unit 3 - A Multiplying and Dividing decimals Cheat Sheet.docxDownload
 Unit 3 - B Multiplying and Dividing Decimals Fluency.docxDownload
 Unit 3 - C Multiplyng and Dividing Decimals Worded Problems.docxDownload
 Unit 3 - D Multiplying and Dividing decimals Answer Sheet.docxDownload
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 Grammar 4 - Prepositions A Cheat Sheet.docxDownload
 Grammar 4 - Prepositions B Questions.docxDownload
 Grammar 4 - Prepositions C Answers.docxDownload
 Unit 4 - A Shopping with Mr P Cheat Sheet.docDownload
 Unit 4 - B Shopping with Mr P Questions.docDownload
 Unit 4 - C Shopping with Mr P Answers.docDownload
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 Grammar 5 - Adverbs A Cheat Sheet.docxDownload
 Grammar 5 - Adverbs B Questions.docxDownload
 Grammar 5 - Adverbs C Answers.docxDownload
 Unit 5 - Mulitplication and Division Problems Answers.docxDownload
 Unit 5 - Mulitplication and Division Problems Use and Apply.docxDownload
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 Grammar 6 - Active and Passive A Cheat Sheet.docxDownload
 Grammar 6 - Active and Passive B Questions.docxDownload
 Grammar 6 - Active and Passive C Answers.docxDownload
 Unit 6 - A Fractions of an Amount Cheat Sheet.docxDownload
 Unit 6 - B Fractions of an Amount Fluency Questions.docxDownload
 Unit 6 - C Fractions of an Amount Worded Problems.docxDownload
 Unit 6 - D Fractions of an Amount Answers.docxDownload
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 Grammar 7 - Active and Passive again B Questions.docxDownload
 Grammar 7 - Active and Passive again C Answers.docxDownload
 Unit 7 - A What was the Whole Cheat Sheet.docxDownload
 Unit 7 - B What was the Whole Fluency Questions.docxDownload
 Unit 7 - C What was the Whole Worded Problems.docxDownload
 Unit 7 - D What was the Whole Answers.docxDownload
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 Grammar 8 - Sentence Types A Cheat Sheet.docxDownload
 Grammar 8 - Sentence Types B Questions.docxDownload
 Grammar 8 - Sentence Types C Answers.docxDownload
 Unit 8 - A Ordering Fractions Cheat Sheet.docxDownload
 Unit 8 - B Ordering Fractions Fluency.docxDownload
 Unit 8 - C Ordering Fractions Worded Problems.docxDownload
 Unit 8 - D Ordering Fractions Answers.docxDownload
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 Grammar 9 - Main or sub clause A Cheat Sheet.docxDownload
 Grammar 9 - Main or sub clause B Questions.docxDownload
 Grammar 9 - Main or sub clause C answers.docxDownload
 Unit 9 - Know your Fractions Worded Problem Answers.docxDownload
 Unit 9 - Know your Fractions Worded Problems.docxDownload
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 Grammar 10 - Relative Clauses A Cheat Sheet.docxDownload
 Grammar 10 - Relative Clauses B Questions.docxDownload
 Grammar 10 - Relative Clauses C Answers.docxDownload
 Unit 10 - A Adding and Subtracting Fractions Cheat Sheet.docxDownload
 Unit 10 - B Adding and Subtracting Fractions Questions.docxDownload
 Unit 10 - C Adding and Subtracting Fractions Answers.docxDownload
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