Dunholme St Chad's Church Of England Primary School

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Y1 - In the event of closure

Below are a number of word documents which will provide ways to support home learning. As a priority, please ensure your child reads and enjoys books every day.


Year One Reading

Year One Phonics

Daily Live RWInc Phonics Sessions
Set 1 Speed Sounds 9.30am & 12.30pm. Set 2 Speed Sounds 10.00am & 1.00pm. Set 3 Speed Sounds 10.30am & 1.30pm https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCo7fbLgY2oA_cFCIg9GdxtQ 

Year One Grammar

Year One Handwriting

Common Exception Words

Weekly Spellings

Year One Maths

Year One Theme and PE

Useful Websites and Games

 Maths challenge- Time and Money


Claws and Paws Challenge

The Claws and Paws challenge has now come to the end as we reach the end of the Summer Term. Thank you so much to all of you who have taken part. May I also congratulate Jessie and Joseph who entered every day and scored a grand total of 625 points!



Claws and Paws Challenge Hall of Fame

Jessie - 625

Joseph - 625

Zachary - 555

Grace - 520

Lars - 515

Henry- 510

Luca - 500

Joey - 485

Chase - 485

Jake - 480

Florence- 460

Theodore- 450

Ernie- 450

Frankie- 320

Poppy - 40

Kayleigh (Y2) - 30

Harvey (Y2) - 15
Alana (Y2) - 15
Elliott (Y2) - 15