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    Holy Family Roman Catholic Primary School - Year 5


As you all know, we are now in lockdown until February Half Term. Below you will find the information on Remote Learning for the week commencing 4th January 2021. 

Remote Learning this term will be assigned and submitted to the Year 5 Google Classroom. Your child will have been given a Google Classroom login at the start of this year.

GOOGLE CLASSROOM FEEDBACK: Please note, that while we understand different families have different circumstances and therefore, complete work at different times of the week, the most effective feedback I can provide your child with will come on the day the work has been due to have been completed. If your children completes the Maths and English tasks as a minimum and follows the sequences daily, they are more likely to receive regular and meaningful daily feedback. 

Google Classroom Uploading Work User Guide


If you need to contact me, please feel free to do so on: joanna.tingle@dunholme.lincs.sch.uk



        Here are the sequences of learning for you to complete during the lockdown period. 

        Term 3 Planning:

        English Sequence of Learning for Week Commencing 4th January


 Battle of Bosworth Info .pdfDownload
 Battle of Bosworth Information PPT.pdfDownload
 Newspaper Report Model.pdfDownload
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    Here is a sequence of learning for you to complete over the lockdown period.

    Maths Sequence of Learning for Week Commencing 4th January 

Please also keep up with your Maths Skills using Sumdog (contact me if you need your login details): https://www.sumdog.com/city


All resources and challenges can be found in the file list below:

 Lesson 1 Area of Rectangles.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 Area of Compound Shapes.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3 Area of Irregular Shapes.pdfDownload
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       Take this time to learn and practise the Year 3/4 and the Year 5/6 Statutory spellings and the Termly 25 for this term.

       Your weekly spellings will also be uploaded onto Google Classroom to be practised as homework. 

       You can log on to Spelling Frame to help you practise your spellings (contact me if you need your login details): http://spellingframe.co.uk/

Term 1 Termly 25

Term 2 Termly 25

Term 3 Termly 25

Year 3/4 Full List

Year 5/6 Full List

Weekly Spellings for w/c 4th January:

Words ending in -tion, -sion, -ssion or -cian
Here are the spelling rules and the list of this week's words:

  • If the root word ends with 'c' or 'cs' use the -cian suffix: magic - magician
  • When the root word ends with 'd' or 'se' the suffix used is usually -sion: expand - expansion
  • If the root word ends with 't' or 'te' use -tion: invent - invention
  • If the root word ends with 'ss' or 'mit' use -ssion: discuss - discussion; admit - admission



You should be reading every day for at least 20 minutes. This could be a novel, a non-fiction text, poetry or a magazine/newspaper. Alongside this, you should also complete a reading comprehension once a week. Answers are provided so that you can mark your work. As you answer the questions, consider which VIPERS is being asked of you.

VIPERS information

Term 3 Planning:

Reading Comprehension Week 1- The Tudors 

Reading Comprehension Week 2 - Elizabeth I

Term 1/2 Planning:

Reading Comprehension Week 1

Reading Comprehension Week 2

Our Class Novel this term is: My Friend, Walter by Michael Morpurgo 

Reading this at home would be of great help and will help your child keep up with the story. 


This term, our Science focus is 'Forces'. Follow the sequence of learning according to which week(s) you are in isolation. 

Science Sequence of Learning (Term 1 Content) Properties of Materials

Science Sequence of Learning (Term 2 Content) Properties of Materials

Science Sequence of Learning (Term 3 Content) Forces


This term, our theme is 'What is the legacy of the Tudors?'. Follow the sequence of learning according to which week(s) you are in isolation.

Theme Sequence of Learning - World at War (History and Geography)

Theme Sequence of Learning - What is the legacy of the Tudors? (Art and History)


        This term, we will be looking at Tudor portraits.

        Lesson for the Week commencing 4th January 


This term, Year 5 are learning about Christianity. Below is the sequence of learning we will be following week by week.

RE Sequence of Learning Islam Term 2

RE Sequence of Learning Christianity Term 3

Learning Through Drawing

If you are isolating, drawing can be an excellent way to take a moment to be mindful and aid with your mental health and well-being.

Click here to access information on Learning Through Drawing

Term 3 Homework

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