Dunholme St Chad's Church Of England Primary School

Creating a community with open hearts and open minds

Our Vision and Values

Vision and Values Booklet

Living out our vision and values
As a school community we engage in and enjoy creative projects as a means of embracing our
vision and values to make them relevant to us today.

  •  The Mosaic Project -2007-2008 - supported by bid
  •  The School Banner - 2015 -2016
  •  The Barons Project - 2015 - 2016
  •  The Knight Project - 2016 - 2017
  •  The Imp Project - 2020- 2021 (started but postponed by a year due to the pandemic) 
  •  Our Cross - using recycled materials and worship table  (ready to begin September 2021) applied for bid
  •  Collective Worship (Liturgical) Cloths 2021-2022 (delayed by a year planned for 2021-22)