This week's Star of the Week is Orkan Garcia Forth for fantastic improvement and effort in reading comprehension work. 

Ben Gray received this week's vote for the Pride of Y6 for persevering in maths work when finding it tricky. 

Year 6


Theme for Term 3 – Our topic title this term is ‘Crazy Cocoa…Yum, Yum!’ and will focus around the history of chocolate as we begin to study the ancient Meso-American civilisation of the Mayans. We will be looking at how the Mayans lived and the importance of the cocoa bean in their lives. We will also be looking at electricity in science, making circuits to control various systems and will be looking at the wonderful world God created in RE, linking into issues with growing crops abroad such as Fairtrade. In our art work we will be sculpting Mayan artefacts out of clay and in music we will be looking at South American music as we learn and perform a class Samba.

Residential Visit 2017 - 30th Oct - 3rd Nov

We have spent a great week in Norfolk learning about the coast. Click the link below to learn about what we did each day. 

Residential Visit 2017 

Visit to 'The Journey' Holocaust Museum

On Tuesday 19th September, Year 6 visited the Holocaust Memorial Museum to learn about life in Germany in Europe in 1933-1945. We explored the 'Journey' exhibition learning from a ten-year-old boy called Leo Stein what life was like for him as a Jewish schoolboy. We saw how people treated him and his family and how he was sent away from Germany on the Kindertransport. 

In the afternoon, we were fortunate to listen to the testimony of Mr Steven Frank, a survivor of the Holocaust. We heard how he was treated differently once the Nazi party occupied Holland- his home- and how he and his family would spend the next few years living in the squalid surroundings of different prison camps. Fortunately for him and his family, they never made it as far as Auschwitz. 

It was a truly amazing day of learning and the children were all shining examples of how to learn outside of the classroom. Model pupils!

Thank you to Mrs Carter and Mrs Johnson for accompanying us on our visit. 

PE Kit - Please can you ensure PE kits are brought into school on Monday morning. This includes appropriate outdoor footwear.

Our PE sessions for this term are Monday afternoon (outdoor) and Tuesday morning (indoor).

Diary Dates for Terms 3 and 4:


 Jan 3rd - First day of term 

Jan 22nd - Y6 DT challenge with Lincoln UTC

Jan 26th - St. Barnabas Coffee after school event

Feb 9th - Last day of term

Feb 19th - First day of term

Mar 26th - Easter Service 

Mar 28th - Easter Parade and Fayre

Mar 28th - Last day of term





 This year we are focusing on developing a love of reading. Year 6 have already spent the summer reading one of the books from our 'Recommended Reading List'. We are going to be sharing our love of books and writing reviews to interest others in the books we read. We also have a reading competition in class. 


We are also asking all children to send in photos of themselves reading in unusual places. We have already had some great photos sent in.

Please send your photos to 

Click here for the Year 6 Recommended Reading List 

This year we are running a book circle. The children are enthusiastically talking about the books that they are reading. This has inspired many of us to try new titles and we have waiting lists for certain books!

The children have now chosen their book for October. The deadline to read this book is 15 January when we will be hosting our next book circle. 


The children are writing fantastic reviews about the books they have read and are even completing their reading tasks to earn points. Ask your children about their reading competition. Remember, points make prizes. 


All homework is handed out on a Friday along with new spellings. Maths and English should be handed in BY THE FOLLOWING THURSDAY along with the Homework Diary. 

Homework Diary:

Please support your child in remembering to complete his/her homework diary each week. Your child should record homework, daily reading and a recount of key events in the week such as: clubs attended, relative-visits, walking the dog etc. The diary should be signed each week to indicate your child has completed his/her homework and reading. It is also a useful way to communicate essential information to Mr Parkin, if appropriate. The diary should also be handed in on Thursday.


This week, we are working on words which end -cious and -tious  as listed as an expectation in the National Curriculum for KS2.

 Homework to be handed in on Thursday:

English:. TENSES. 

The children need to complete every section on the sheet Identifying the correct tense in section one and then changing tenses in section 2. 

Maths:  Perimeter and Area 

Complete every question. Section 1 - find the perimeter  the swimming pools. Section 2 - find the area and perimeter of the rectangles.  Section 3 - find the perimeter of the compound shapes. 


 Useful websites to help with learning at home. (Flash is required to play this pairs games, matching fractions of money.) (Flash is required to play this matching ratio game.)