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School Governors

Dear Families

Welcome to our school on behalf of the Governing Body at Dunholme St Chad’s.  

A key part of the work of Governors is to set the school’s vision.  I wanted to share with you our vision for the school which is:

"As an inclusive and welcoming church school, we work towards creating a community with open hearts and open minds. We strive to ensure that all members of our school community understand themselves to be valued for who they are.

Our inspiring and ambitious learning environment enables pupils and adults to aspire to fulfil their hopes for the future. Through challenge and support, we help each other overcome barriers so that everyone can feel confident in pursuing excellence in all they do."

We believe in our vision and it provides our guiding purpose – creating a community of open hearts and open minds.  As Governors, when we make decisions, we reflect back on the vision to ensure that we are striving to fulfil it.

I’ve highlighted the parts of the vision that I feel make our school distinctive, that set out who we are as a school community.  We focus on the children in our school and extend this to the broader school community, who play a vital role in the school and in providing inspiration for the children.

Going forward we face opportunities and challenges, as do other Primary schools, which we will work through, always focussed on our vision.  We have a school improvement plan to support the delivery of the school’s vision.  Each year the school shares with parents the school priorities – the areas that have been identified that we would really like to focus on across the school.  The partnership we have with parents and families is essential in delivering our vision and supporting the implementation of the school priorities.  

We welcome feedback and discussion on how we are performing in respect of the vision, so please contact me or another Governor is you have some ideas or feedback to share.  Our families are key stakeholders in the school and your input is important to us.

Since becoming a Governor, I’ve been inspired by the commitment and dedication of those who give up their time to make a positive contribution to the school. We want to enable teachers and support staff to deliver the school’s vision and ensure that pupils and adults in the school community are able to fulfil their hopes for the future. 

Thank you to all of the staff, volunteers and everyone else who contributes to our school and community.

 Mr Shaun Caig

Chair of Governors 


  • Shaun Caig 
  • Karen Appleby
  • Esther Watt-Jones
  • Revd Paul Levins
  • James Gudgin
  • Claire Buckley
  • Martin Kyle
  • Andrew Ottewell
  • Debbie Tipping

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