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PE Days for Term 1 are Mondays and Fridays (swimming). Please send your child into school wearing their PE kit. Swimming will commence initially for all but those children attending might change to meet needs with the main pool at Yarborough still closed.

Please email me if you have not received an email from me about setting up your child's Google Classroom. andy.harris@dunholme.lincs.sch.uk

Please see our Google Classroom for your child's weekly homework and spellings.

Teaching about safeguarding

As a school we are committed to safeguarding children from harm. We want to ensure children are aware of behaviour towards them that is not acceptable and how they can keep themselves safe. Specific examples of this in the Y4 curriculum are:

  • discussing issues of relationships, neglect and abuse through themes in our class novels such as 'Charlie Changes into a Chicken',
  • Understanding self-care and personal hygiene through our science, themed learning and our residential visit
  • An extensive and comprehensive PSHE curriculum.
  • Bespoke class discussions on the School Code of Conduct and Behaviour Policy and about our school and British Values.
As part of the broader curriculum in Year 4 we routinely:
  • Ensure each child knows they must talk to an adult If they are worried about themselves or another person
  • Encourage each child to  identify a named adult/s to talk to if they are worried or somebody is  causing them to be upset or harm them.
  • Remind the class Mrs Ruff, Miss Bradshaw and Mrs Tipping have a special job in school to make sure everyone is safe. 

Residential and Parent's meeting (click here)

Multiplication Tables Check information (click here)

Please have a look at what's going on 'inside our bubble'...

Swimming documents

 Active Nation COVID-19 Risk Assessment.pdfDownload
 Primary School Swim Procedures.pdfDownload
 Risk Assessment Bus Covid 19 Autumn Term 2020 JC.pdfDownload
 Y4 Swimming - April 2020.pdfDownload
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This Term's theme: Power

Children will be learning about power, electricity and how circuits need to be connected to make things work.

Term 1: What's inside

Term 1: Theme Knowledge Organiser - Science Knowledge Organiser

Term 2: Putting down roots

Term 2: Theme Knowledge Organiser - Science Knowledge Organiser

Term 3: Power

Term 3: Science Knowledge Organiser

Term 4: Sound

Term 4: Science Knowledge Organiser

Term 5: Invader, raiders or traders?

Term 5: Theme Knowledge Organiser - Science Knowledge Organiser

Term 6: Let's Explore!

Term 6: Theme Knowledge Organiser - Science Knowledge Organiser

Home Learning

All homework is set via the Google Classroom on a Friday along with new weekly spellings. 

These tasks should be completed and submitted BY THE FOLLOWING THURSDAY. 

Spellings will be tested on THURSDAYS.

Children should be aiming to read to an adult for at least 10 minutes, 5 times a week.

We are also learning our 20 words from our statutory word list. Please ensure you spend this term learning these at home as well, some of these might also appear on weekly spelling lists. We will be having a test on all of these 20 words during the final week of the term. 

The words to learn for Term 1 are:

caught, naughty, incomplete, irregular, actual, address, earth, often, learn, group, busy, business, bicycle, fruit, possible, appear, early, continue, arrive, build

The words to learn for Term 2 are:

although, experiment, favourite, heart, imagine, impossible, increase, interest, material, mention, minute, opposite, position, possession, potatoes, promise, question, reposition, though, thought

The words to learn for Term 3 are:

answer, breath, breathe, eight, February, heard, island, knowledge, library, natural, pressure, reign, strange, suppose, therefore, through, unnatural, weight, woman, women

The words to learn for Term 4 are:


If you need to contact us, please feel free to meet us on the playground before or after school or email me on andy.harris@dunholme.lincs.sch.uk