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Taught by Miss Tingle and Mrs Roden

Autumn Term 2 - Earth and Space

This term, Year 5 will be exploring Earth and Space! The children will be exploring the many fascinating elements of our own planet, the 8 planets of solar system and our moon. They will be introduced to why we have day and night, how the planets orbit the sun and how moons orbit their planets. The children will also explore how the ideas about the solar system have developed through history, understanding how the geocentric model gave way to the heliocentric model by considering the work of scientists such as Ptolemy, Alhazen and Copernicus.

Please see the Theme Plan for this term for more information: 

Earth and Space Theme Plan

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at joanna.tingle@dunholme.lincs.sch.uk


Solar System Prints

We have been learning A LOT so far this term. We have gone into great depth about how the solar system works and have even written our own non-fiction texts so everyone else can learn, too!

In Art, we have been creating our own prints from scratch using string and cardboard. These will eventually be put together to create a completed printed design of the solar system. Some of the prints the children create are "out of this world"!

Planetarium! - 4th December

We had an extremely exciting visit from the Planetarium today! The dome was set up in the hall and the children were asked to enter in groups of 6 (if there are any more than that, it starts to deflate!). When we were all inside, we learnt even more about the Solar System and the Constellations. I think Year 5 'wowed' our visitor, George, with how much knowledge they already had. What an amazing experience!


This term - the children will be given the following 20 spellings to learn, as well as their 10 weekly spellings. The children will then be tested at the end of the half term. Those children that achieve 100% will become a 'Spelling Star' and their name will be displayed in the school hall.























Autumn Term 1 - Crime and Punishment 

This term, Year 5 will be looking at continuity and change throughout different time periods - predominantly the Tudor and Victorian eras - relating to the impact of politics, religion and social class on crime and punishment. This will build enquiry and research skills, as well as utilise place value knowledge (chronology of events/key dates), and computing/speaking and listening skills (presentation). Additionally, the learning will encourage children to challenge their knowledge of right and wrong, their treatment of others, and forgiveness.

Please see the Theme Plan for this term for more information: 

Crime and Punishment Theme Plan

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at joanna.tingle@dunholme.lincs.sch.uk

Life as a Victorian Prisoner...

The children got to experience what life was really like as a Victorian Prisoner yesterday, when they were given 'Hard Labour' punishments to experience! The children were asked to carry out all of the activities in silence, just as the prisoners would have done themselves... and unsurprisingly, they found it quite tricky!

The activities included:

  • Picking Oakum: the children were required to sit in silence and separate the threads of a piece of string.
  • Treadwheel: to replicate the treadwheel, the children were asked to do some stepping on the benches for an extended period and in silence!
  • Shot drill: the children had to pick up their cannonball (a tray full of dictionaries), carry it three spaces, put it back down and then repeat!
  • Crank: the children had to walk in a circle, connected by skipping ropes, which they were required to keep straight. The children could not communicate in any way.

We had a very interesting afternoon and we will be using these experiences to inform our English writing.

Lincoln Castle Trip

On Thursday, the children went to Lincoln Castle to explore the Victorian Prison in the grounds and learnt about the significance of the castle in managing crime and punishment in Victorian Lincoln. We had a lot of fun learning about Joseph Ralph - the prisoner who managed to escape the prison two times! - through an 'escape' game, which required us to find the objects Joseph Ralph used during his escape. We also had a tour of the castle wall and stopped off to learn about the three witches that were imprisoned in the tower, as well as visiting the prisoners' graveyard. Throughout the day, we were allowed to explore the prison cells and the prison's chapel. We even got to dress up!

It was quite spooky at times, but it was a very enjoyable day and everyone (including the adults!) learnt a lot and had a lot of fun!


Key Dates for Term 1:

 Thursday 19th September - Year 5 trip to Lincoln Castle 

27th Sept - MacMillan Coffee Morning 

2nd Oct - Maths Open Morning 9:00 - 10:30

2nd Oct - Harvest Service 1:30

4th Oct - Year 5 and 6 NSPCC workshop

8th Oct - Parent Consultation Evening

10th Oct - Parent Consultation Evening

17th Oct - Disco

18th Oct - Last day of term 1

29th Nov - Christmas Fayre

P.E. Kits 

Please can you ensure PE kits are brought into school on Monday morning. This includes appropriate outdoor footwear. Please make sure that all property is named!

Our PE sessions for this term are Tuesday morning (indoor) and Friday afternoon (outdoor).


  Reading is an integral part of the primary curriculum so please ensure you are reading every day and recording it in your Reading/Spelling Journals. These are the little yellow books and should have your weekly spellings in them at the front, as well as space to record your reading progress at the back. 

Take a look at the Year 5 Recommended Reading List for ideas on age appropriate texts!



 Spellings will be given on the Friday of each week and will be tested on the following Thursday. There will be 10 spellings that follow a particular rule each week. Alongside this, we are also focusing on our statutory spelling list for Years 5 and 6 this year, so each child will be given 20 spellings from this list per term and will then be tested at the end of that term. Please ensure that both the 10 weekly spellings - as well as the 20 termly spellings - are being practised regularly. It is also important that you ensure you know the meaning of the words you are learning to spell... as we might ask you to put one into a sentence!

Autumn Term 1 spellings are:























Everyone will be given homework on the Friday of each week, which will be due on the following Thursday. Children will be given:

  • a Maths task, which links to their learning from that week.
  • a Grammar task linking to the skills we have focused on in that week. 

Please make sure that if you are struggling with your homework, you come and see Miss Tingle or Mrs Roden as soon as you can!

Key Documents and Helpful Websites


Here are some handy websites for you to look at at home to help you with your learning. If you find any others, let me know!