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Term 6: What is the significance of our counties?

Golden Thread: Ambition and Aspiration

Big Idea: Similarities and Differences; Sustainability

Theme Overview

Geography: Counties of the UK Knowledge Organiser

Science: Life Cycles and Reproduction Knowledge Organiser

Our Novel Study this term is: Northern Lights, by Philip Pullman

This term, Year 5 will be researching and exploring the geography and counties of the United Kingdom. They will have the opportunity to produce an independent project based on their research of their chosen county; exploring its major cities, famous landmarks, agriculture and history. The children will also use the intricate map skills gained in our geography learning this term to explore maps of the United Kingdom and their chosen county. Alongside this, we will focus on the agriculture and wildlife of the United Kingdom to support our learning of Living Things and their Habitats in Science.

County Projects!

Life Cycles and Reproduction: Chick Hatching!

Term 5: What are the wonders of the universe?

Golden Thread: Ambition and Aspiration

Big Idea: Beauty

Theme Overview

Earth and Space Knowledge Organiser

Term 5 Termly 25 Spellings

This term, the children will be exploring the many fascinating elements of our planet, the 8 planets of solar system (Pluto was reclassified as a ‘Dwarf Planet’ in 2006) and our moon. They will be introduced to why we have day and night, how the planets orbit the sun and how moons orbit their planets. The children will also explore how the ideas about the solar system have developed through history, understanding how the geocentric model gave way to the heliocentric model by considering the work of scientists: Ptolemy and Copernicus.

Our Novel Study this term is: Wonder, by R.J. Palacio 


Click here to view Bertie's lesson

Some of the fabulous work produced this term:

Term 4: What are the causes and consequences of earthquakes?

Golden Thread: Continuity and Change

Big Idea: Consequences, Similarities and Differences

Theme Overview

Geography: Earthquakes Knowledge Organiser

Term 4 Termly 25 Spellings

This term, Year 5 will explore the science and geography behind… EARTHQUAKES! We will look at the significance of the Earth’s structure in causing the movement of tectonic plates and seismic waves. This theme of learning will expand across the curriculum, and we will be writing non-fiction and narrative texts relating to earthquakes in English and exploring Richter scales through our learning of decimal numbers in Maths.

Our Class Novel this term is: The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien

Year 5 Remote Learning on Earthquakes...

Term 3: What is the legacy of the Tudors?

Golden Thread: Continuity and Change

Big Idea: Legacy, Power, Consequences

Theme Overview

History: Tudors Knowledge Organiser

Science: Forces Knowledge Organiser

Term 3 Termly 25 Spellings

This term, Year 5 will be immersed in the significant historical events of Tudor England. We will be exploring the breadth of Tudor history, starting with how the period began with the unification of the Houses of York and Lancaster in 1485, right up until the death of Elizabeth I in 1603.

We will discover all there is to know about the renowned King Henry VIII and what really happened to all of those wives of his!

Looking through the lens of our Golden Thread and Big Idea this term, we will discuss and evaluate the significance of the Tudor period in relation to the impact it has had on the England of today.

If any ruling family could argue their legacy, there’s no dispute; the Tudors certainly left one behind…

Our Class Novel this term is: My Friend, Walter

Term 2: The World at War

Golden Thread: Equality and Diversity

Big Idea: Power, Consequences, Community

Theme Overview

The World at War Knowledge Organiser

Properties of Materials Knowledge Organiser

This term, Year 5 will explore the historical significance of World War I and World War II. They will immerse themselves in understanding what it was like to be a solider during wartime, as well as understand what life was like for those on the Home Front. Through their analysis and exploration of numerous historical sources, the children will have a greater understanding of what it was like to be evacuated, to ‘Dig for Victory’, to ‘Make do and Mend’ and to fight for King and country.

Our Novel Study this term is: Goodnight Mister Tom

Useful Websites for our Theme: 



Take a look at some of the fabulous Anderson Shelters we made in DT!!

Click here to view Amelia's amazing eBook Project about her Great Grandad in the war: 


In Flanders Fields - Year 5 children to recite this for the Remembrance Service Wednesday 11th November
In Flanders Fields - Year 5 children to recite this for the Remembrance Service Wednesday 11th November

Term 2 Homework

Homework will be uploaded on a weekly basis, so that it can be accessed from home. It is very important that homework be completed to support learning, as well as provide the parents an insight as to what is going on in the classroom. 

 Termly 25 Term 2.pdfDownload
 Weekly Spellings Week 5 -ous.pdfDownload
 Week 6 Apostrophes for contraction and inverted commas.pdfDownload
 Week 6 Perimeter.pdfDownload
 Week 5 Past Perfect and Past Progressive.pdfDownload
 Week 5 Multiply and Divide by 10, 100 and 1000.pdfDownload
 Week 4 Grammar Recap.pdfDownload
 Week 4 Multiply by 10,100 and 1000.pdfDownload
 Weekly Spellings Week 4.pdfDownload
 Week 3 Factors, Common factors and multiples.pdfDownload
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Term 1: Fight for your Right!

Golden Thread: Equality and Diversity

Big Idea: Protest

Theme Overview

Fight for your Right Knowledge Organiser

Properties of Materials Knowledge Organiser

This term, Year 5 will be immersed in the British and American History of protests. They will learn about the Suffrage movement of the early 20th century, as well as the Civil Rights Movement of the mid-20th century and how both of these movements have had an everlasting impact on the world we live in today. The children will also have the opportunity to consider and discuss how these movements echo in today’s society and how the themes of these social histories can be seen in modern day protest movements. 

Magna Carta

We started off this theme by learning about the Magna Carta and how significant it was (and is!) in ensuring everyone has rights today. We wrote our own Magna Cartas detailing what our rights and responsibilities were in Year 5.

Black History Month Learning

As this month is Black History Month, the whole school have been learning about Black History and reflecting on racism and discrimination in history and in the modern world. It has been really great for Year 5, as it links so closely with this term's theme "Fight for Your Right"! 

We focused our learning on Barack and Michelle Obama for our significant figure(s) in Black History and then we created our own speeches in the style of the Obamas to raise awareness of racism and discrimination. We then recorded these on our class iPads. Below is a compilation of some of the children's work.

P.E. Kits 

Please can you ensure PE kits are WORN into school on our allocated P.E. Days. This kit should be appropriate for outdoor P.E. and should include appropriate outdoor footwear. 

PE Days this term are: Mondays and Wednesdays. An outdoor PE Kit of school colours, including an appropriate sweatshirt, t-shirt and either shorts or jogging/tracksuit bottoms should be worn into school on these days.


  Reading is an integral part of the primary curriculum so please ensure you are reading every day and recording it in your Reading/Spelling Journals. These are the little yellow books and should have your weekly spellings in them at the front, as well as space to record your reading progress at the back. 

Guidance on How to Use the Little Yellow Reading Record

Take a look at the Year 5 Recommended Reading List for ideas on age appropriate texts!



 Spellings will be given on the Friday of each week and will be tested on the following Friday. There will be 6 spellings given that follow a particular rule each week, with 4 'mystery' words tested to see if the children have learnt the spelling rule as well as the spellings given.

Alongside this, we will also be focusing on our statutory spelling list for Years 5 and 6 this year, so each child will be given 20 spellings from this list per term and 5 extra from the Year 3/4 list and will then be tested at the end of that term. Please ensure that the weekly spelling rule, the 6 weekly spellings and the 25 termly spellings are being practised regularly.

It is also important that children know the meaning of the words they are learning to spell... as we might ask you to put one into a sentence!




Everyone will be given homework on the Friday of each week, which will be due on the following Thursday. Children will be given:

  • a Maths task, which links to their learning from that week.
  • a Grammar task linking to the skills we have focused on in that week. 

Please make sure that if you are struggling with your homework, you come and see Miss Tingle or Mrs Roden as soon as you can!

Key Documents and Helpful Websites


Here are some handy websites for you to look at at home to help you with your learning. If you find any others, let me know!