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About our club

Dunholme Kids' Club provides a safe, secure and stimulating environment in which children can relax, spend time with friends, and engage in quality play. The club is independently run and offers a wide range of activities to meet both individual and group needs. Our play ethos (derived from the Principles of Playwork) is that play should always be freely chosen and child led and that the role of playworkers in the setting is not to 'run' children's play, but to facilitate and enhance it. To this effect, high standards of activity planning are in place to enable quality play and creative opportunities though children will always have the independence and freedom to choose for themselves the activities and play that they want to take part in. Staff recognise and support the individuality of each child in the setting and will always safeguard the physical and emotional wellbeing of all children.


"My daughter really looks forward to attending

Kids' Club, and I have every confidence that she

is very, very well looked after."

(Parent of Year 1 child attending the Club)


“You have always understood and listened to what I say…you

make me feel safe…I will treasure a lot of memories [of Kids’ Club]

in my mind even ‘til I am 90!”

(from letter from Yr 6 leaver)


 "I love all the great things we get to make and play with.

It's really fun here!"

(Year 2 child attending the Club)


The club is run by a dedicated team, comprising a Manager, their Deputy, and a group of play-workers. It is operated by a voluntary Management Committee, including parents of children attending the club, and runs with the support of the Governors and staff at Dunholme St Chad's School. The club has a close working relationship with Reception Class, ensuring that any Reception Class child joining the club will be familiar and comfortable with Club staff.



"For us the club is a kind of extended family. Flexible, helpful, caring and with the children's best interests at the heart of it."

(Parent of Year 3 & Year 6 children attending the Club)



Staff are employed following a rigorous recruitment and vetting process. All staff have an Enhanced DBS/CRB check completed before working with the children. The club has an ongoing commitment to the development and training of its staff, striving to ensure training/qualifications are always current, appropriate, and exceed any minimum statutory requirements.  Most importantly, staff recognise and value the individuality of every child and are dedicated to providing the best possible service for the children and their parents.


"As parents it is reassuring to know the children are being looked

after in such a consistent professional way."

(Parents of KS2 children attending the Club)


"It's good because when you have ideas or feelings or jokes and stuff to tell or things

that worry you they [the staff] really listen to you properly and get stuff sorted!"

(Year 5 child attending the Club)


Meals and Drinks

The Breakfast Club offers a selection of breakfast foods, including cereals, toast, fresh fruit and yoghurt, with a selection of drink choices, including juice, milk, and water.  During After-School Club, snacks and drinks are provided. Every effort is made to ensure that the food provided is nutritious, varied, and healthy. The children are involved in the preparation of menus, and all tastes and requirements, (including any food intolerances or allergies) are catered for. 



We take children from Dunholme St Chad's Primary School from Reception through to Year 6. 



A registration form, and a medical information form (if required) must be completed prior to a child commencing a session at Dunholme Kids' Club. 


Session prices (from September 2022)


Per session, per child.

Breakfast Club (from 7.30 - 9.00 am)                                  £4.50

After-school Club (from end of school day - 5.45 pm)      £7.00

 late collection after 5:45pm                                                late charges will apply



Fees are payable termly in advance and all booked placed must be paid for. Further details in regard of fee payments can be found in our Payment of Fees Policy (a copy of which is enclosed in the registration pack). Payment can be made by cash or cheque. Additionally, the Club is currently registered with the ComputerShare, Edenred, Sodexo/Staycare Pass, Kiddivouchers, Kidsunlimited, Fideliti and Care-4  Childcare Voucher schemes. If a parent/carer experiences difficulties in making payments we will always work with them towards a solution.


Behaviour Management

Dunholme Kids' Club believes in promoting positive behaviour. The club aims to encourage self-discipline in the children and to develop their consideration and respect for each other, their environment, and property, by praising and acknowledging positive actions and attitudes.  Where conflicts do arise we try to support the children in self-resolution, though staff remain alert to any issues and will intervene appropriately.

If a child's behaviour is deemed unacceptable for any reason, then these reasons will be explained to the child, and boundaries and goals will be discussed and clarified.  If unacceptable behaviour persists, then it may be necessary to discuss behaviour with parents in order to find the best solution.  In consideration of the safety and wellbeing of all children, the Club reserves the right to ask parents to remove a child for an agreed period  if policy fails to prevent unacceptable behaviour, though this would always be an absolute last resort.


"We have always found the staff very supportive and fair with

any behavioural/social/emotional issues the

children may have."

(Parents of Year 3/4 children attending the Club).


Policies and Procedures

All staff adhere to the policies and procedures of the Club at all times. These policies have been compiled in accordance with Ofsted and wider statutory requirements. Copies of all policies are available for inspection on request and we are always happy to provide copies for you to retain if you wish. 


Complaints Procedure

Dunholme Kids' Club aims to provide a high quality, efficient and accessible service to parents/carers and children. Working practices are reviewed regularly.  If any parent/carer or child has concerns about any aspect of the Club, it is usually possible to resolve any problem as it occurs, by speaking to the Manager. If your concerns are not resolved to your satisfaction then your complaint should be put in writing and addressed to the Management Committee, including full details of the nature of the complaint.  The Chair of the Committee will respond, detailing how the complaint will be investigated, and the subsequent outcome.


If you are still not satisfied, you may refer your concerns to Ofsted at the following address:

 Ofsted, Piccadilly Gate, Store Street, Manchester, M1 2WD

Tel: 0300 1231231


"It [the Club] is a place that the children love to go to, to

socialise and have access to space and materials that they may

not have at home."

(Parents of Year 3 child attending the Club)


"Kids' Club caters for children with a wide range of needs and makes

individual provision for children who may require additional support. They

work closely with parents, providing feedback about sessions

and suggesting ways to move forward and overcome any problems which may

arise. Knowing this has allowed me to feel confident leaving my children at

Kids' Club whilst I am at work."

(Parent of KS1 child)


Contacts for the Club


Manager                                Indigo Karen Maughn


Acting Deputy                       Nikita Rickells


Playworkers                          Holly Thompson


Kids' Club Phone                 07958305144 (Kids' Club hours only:   at any other time, please leave text message)


Email Address:                    dunholmekidsclub@gmail.com

Committee Chair                 Julie Sullivan 


If you would like any additional information about the club, please contact Karen (Manager), either by calling in to any session at any time before or after school, or by calling the Kids' Club phone - 07958305144 (Kids' Club hours only: at any other time, please leave text or voice message and we will call you back ASAP).



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