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 This week’s Pride Award goes to...


Mr Parkin - Mrs Ackroyd - Mrs Tipping - Miss Rickells - Mrs Roden

Huge congratulations to our Term 4 Golden Spelling Stars who scored 100% - Florence, Tyla, Cassie, Elliot, Freya, Eliza, Indy, Ivy, Naya and Grace.

Huge congratulations also to our Term 4 Spelling Stars who achieved 85%+ - Oliver, Alfie, Ellise, Ava, Klim, Kayleigh, Anabelle, Eva and Charlie.

We welcome you to Year 6. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask one of us. 

You can email the class teachers directly by using 

carl.parkin@dunholme.lincs.sch.uk (Mon to Thurs) or catherine.ackroyd@dunholme.lincs.sch.uk (Thurs- Fri)



Tuesday 31st October

After a lengthy journey, we arrived at our accommodation around lunch time today. We met our leaders and were shown to our rooms and got settled in, making our beds (well...kind of!). After eating lunch, we visited two different coastal areas - one was Happisburgh, where erosion had really hit this area hard. So hard in fact that we couldn't actually go down to the beach as the access down had eroded away in the past week due to the weather. We saw evidence of houses that had fallen into the sea and even a caravan park that no longer existed.

We then went to Sea Palling to look at how sea defences had been erected to save this area as it is protecting an area of narural beauty and tourism. There was little evidence of erosion and it was a much better beach. Unfortunately, the weather was not very kind for twenty minutes at Sea Palling and we were very wet by the end. It didn't dampen our spirits though. We retruned this evening to a meal of pizza, chips and salad followed by the most amazing sticky toffee pudding. Very happy children and adults. 

This evening we have been on a moonlight walk, listening to the sea, seeing the stars and hearing stories in the dark. We are now drinking hot chocolate and getting ready for bed. 

Wednesday 1st November 

 We had many sleepy heads this monring that had to be woken before we went down to a lovely breakfast of cereals, toast, sausage, hash brown and spaghetti. We then made our  way to Cley and picked up the beginning of the Blakeney Spit. We walked along the spit, learning about erosion and long shore drift, learning about special semi-precious stones and how we could find them. Many of us found some great treasures. 

We visited the sand dunes to learn how these special habitats are formed and stopped for lunch before moving to the middle of the spit ready for our adventure across the mud. We took off our shoes and socks and headed across the bed of the river and through the marshes, crossing through the mud and small pools all the way back to Blakeney. It was fantastic and very refreshing. 

This evening we have returned to the hotel for a superb tea of spaghetti bolognese and chocolate fudge cake. We are currently getting showered (Yes...you heard it right!) ready for our storytelling evening. There are some very tired faces tonight. 

Thursday 2nd November 

 After a night of good sleep we were greeted with bacon, egg and beans this morning to set us up for the day. 

Shortly after 9, we were taken to the Aylmerton Centre where we were greeted by pirates who made us join their crew - we grabbed our bandanas and gladly made our way to complete three different activities: the bosun's chair, the rigging and the desert island challenge. We were fantastic at facing our fears and encouraging each other.

This afternoon, we went to West Runton to go rockpooling to see what we could find and learn about adaptation. We also looked at glaciation and how that formed the cliffs of Norfolk. We even had time to visit the mammoth that was found here years ago. 

Tonight we have returned to a dinner of roast chicken and veg and then chocolate brownie. The children have eaten so well and many wanted to compliment the chef. We have showered and dressed up and are currently dancing our slippers off in the disco. 


Friday 3rd November

 Lots of us had to be woken up this morning - some very tired eyes after last night's disco moves. This morning we had another excellent cooked breakfast and then headed out on the grounds of the Pleasaunce to take part in different team building activities, designed to test our comminucation, cooperation and skills of encouragement. We had to work hard to earn the points and it took s few attempts sometimes to get it right. After packing everything up and a swift lunch, we met our coach which brought us back home. It has been a great few days away and hopefully we have all learned a lot. 

Year 6 Key Documents

Teaching about Safeguarding

As a school, we are committed to safeguarding children from harm. We want to ensure children are aware of behaviour towards them that is not acceptable and how they can keep themselves safe. Specific examples of this in the Year 6 curriculum are:

- Novel studies that focus on the theme of equality and diversity such as 'The boy in the Stripped Pajamas'

- The PSHE curriculum where we look at themes such as e-safety, drugs awareness, anti-bullying and economics

- Theme study of The Holocaust 

 - Weekly Class Reflection 

- The class code of conduct linked to the school school behaviour policy

- The RE curriculum 

Ancient Greek civilization | History, Map, Culture, Politics, Religion,  Achievements, & Facts | BritannicaTERM 5 THEME TITLE   -        ANCIENT GREECEAncient Greek civilization | History, Map, Culture, Politics, Religion,  Achievements, & Facts | Britannica


Key Question - What is the legacy of the Ancient Greek civilisation?


Golden Threads: Equality and Diversity - Ambition and Aspiration 

Big Ideas: Similarities and Differences




This term we will focus our attention around the Ancient Greek civilisation. The children will explore what life was like during this time and how people lived their lives. We will focus on how men and women were viewed and treated, compared to modern societies and will be unpicking the key thread of ambition and aspiration as we learn what Ancient Greeks did that is still of significance today. We will study famous battles, the theatre, key philosophers and thinkers and look at the Olympic Games in order to gain an insight into what this ancient civilisation did that affects our lives today. 

We also have our SATs to complete in a few weeks and will be working hard to make sure we know our stuff.


 In our science work, we will studying Light. We will look at how we see things, sources of light and what happens to shadows as we alter light sources. We will look at the work of key scientists associated with their discoveries of light and how these have affected the world. 

Knowledge Organisers to support learning this term

 KO Year 6 Term 5 Light.docx.pdfDownload
 KO Year 6 Term 5 and 6 Ancient Greece.docx.pdfDownload
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Please can you ensure PE kits are WORN into school on our allocated PE Days. The children will wear their kit all day. This kit should be appropriate for outdoor PE and should include appropriate outdoor footwear. NO PE KIT SHOULD BE BROUGHT IN OR STORED IN SCHOOL.

Our PE sessions for this term are TUESDAY afternoon and THURDSDAY afternoon. All PE will take place outdoors so please ensure the children are weatherproof. 

Diary Dates for Term 5:


16th April - First Day of term 5

13th May - SATs Week 


Reading Text Line Rectangle Clipart - Reading Clipart Activities Clip art                                           Reading                                           Reading Text Line Rectangle Clipart - Reading Clipart Activities Clip art

 This year we are continuing to focus on developing a love of reading.  Reading is an integral part of the primary curriculum so please ensure you are reading every day and recording it on your 'Reading Record' bookmark. 

Take a look at the Year 6 Recommended Reading List for ideas on age appropriate texts. 

 We are going to be sharing our love of books through a termly book circle, where we will talk about the books we have been reading. 


Click here for the Year 6 Recommended Reading List 

We have sent every child home with a VIPERS bookmark. These provide excellent prompts for question openers you may use when reading with or listening to your children read. VIPERS is the reading format we use in school so children are well versed in the different types and styles of questions they are asked. The same question prompts are used in the Y6 End of Key Stage SATs. 

Spelling Clipart #47481 intended for Spelling Clipart » Clipart Station                              Spelling                                          Spelling Clipart #47481 intended for Spelling Clipart » Clipart Station

 Spellings will be given on the Monday of each week and will be tested on the following Monday. There will be 6 spellings given that follow a particular rule each week, with 4 'mystery' words tested to see if the children have learnt the spelling rule as well as the spellings given.

Alongside this, we will also be focusing on our statutory spelling list for Years 5 and 6 this year, so each child will be given 25 spellings from this list per term and will then be tested at the end of that term. Please ensure that the weekly spelling rule, the 6 weekly spellings and the 25 termly spellings are being practised regularly. There will be a 'spellingframe' task set up each week to help the children learn their spellings at home. Children have their log-in details for this site. 


It is also important that children know the meaning of the words they are learning to spell - we might ask you to put one into a sentence. 



This week, we are working on words which end ous as listed as an expectation in the National Curriculum for KS2. See below for the full list for this week. 


Please print off or copy into your home learning book, this week's spellings. Spellings should be recorded or stuck in the back of the red home learning book which has been sent home. PLEASE DO NOT BRING THIS BOOK BACK INTO SCHOOL. 

Below is a document that provides different spelling strategies to help children learn and remember their spellings at home.


 T4 Week 6 - ous.pdfDownload
 T4 Week 5 - eigh ey ei.pdfDownload
 T4 Week 4 - ir or il.pdfDownload
 T4 Week 3 - sure or ture.pdfDownload
 T4 Week 2 - mis-dis-in-un.pdfDownload
 T4 Week 1 - tial or cial.pdfDownload
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 T3 Week 6 - tious or cious.pdfDownload
 T3 Week 5 - ant, ance or ancy.pdfDownload
 T3 Week 4 - ei as ee.pdfDownload
 T3 Week 3 - ence.pdfDownload
 T3 Week 2 - ent.pdfDownload
 T3 Week 1 - ibly and ably.pdfDownload
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 T2 Week 7 - Ough.pdfDownload
 T2 Week 6 - Plurals part 2.pdfDownload
 T2 Week 5 - Plurals.pdfDownload
 T2 Week 4 - ei and ie.pdfDownload
 T2 Week 3 - ible and able.pdfDownload
 T2 Week 2 - silent letters.pdfDownload
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 T1 Week 7 - sh spelt si or ssi.pdfDownload
 T1 Week 6 - sh spelt ti or ci.pdfDownload
 T1 Week 5 - Suffixes (5).pdfDownload
 T1 Week 4 - Suffixes (4).pdfDownload
 T1 Week 3 - Suffixes (3).pdfDownload
 T1 Week 2 - Suffixes (2).pdfDownload
 T1 Week 1 - Suffixes (1).pdfDownload
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This term's 25 word spelling list

We are also learning our first group of 25 words from our statutory word list. Please ensure you spend this term learning these at home as well. We will be having a test on all of these during the final week of the term before October half term.  


The words to learn for Term 4 are : 

variety                sincerely                individual                  disastrous          

              category            convenience                interfere  

neighbour           signature               frequently                 temperature

                 average             equipped                  nuisance    

criticise                 recognise               bruise                       available

                lightning             pronunciation           committee 

cemetery               controversy                hindrance               forty



 Term 4 termly 25 word list.docx.pdfDownload
 Term 3 termly 25 word list.docx.pdfDownload
 Term 2 termly 25 word list.docx.pdfDownload
 Term 1 termly 25 word list.docx.pdfDownload
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Clip Download Girl Doing Homework Clipart - Children Writing Png,  Transparent Png - 767x618 (#333669) - PinPng                          HOME LEARNING                                      Clip Download Girl Doing Homework Clipart - Children Writing Png,  Transparent Png - 767x618 (#333669) - PinPng


Everyone will be given homework on the Friday of each week, which will need to be completed by the following Thursday.

All home learning will be linked to what we have been doing in class that week. 


We are going to be uploading home learning to this page and the Google Classroom on a Friday

Please can children view the home learning online via the pdf documents below. They need to then complete the work in their red 'Home Learning' book which has been sent home. This book needs to stay at home and this means children will not be bringing their homework into school. 

The answers will be uploaded on a Sunday. Children can then mark their own work and try anything again that they get wrong. 

Once marked, a photo of the completed learning can uploaded to the Google Classroom or be sent to Mr Parkin

Children need to complete all home learning for that week by Thursday


Please make sure that if you are struggling with your homework, you come and see a member of staff as soon as you can. Do not leave home learning until the last minute. Year 6 is a great opportunity to learn good habits ready for secondary school. 

Homework to be submitted to completed and marked by Thursday 7th March 2024:

Grammar: Everything Grammar - Answer the questions carefully using everything you know. 

Maths:  Volume - complete the calculations and solve the problems. 

 T4 Week 4 English - Everything Grammar.pdfDownload
 T4 Week 4 Maths - Volume.pdfDownload
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 T4 Week 3 English - Missing Commas.pdfDownload
 T4 Week 3 Maths - Area of rectangles, triangles and parallelograms.pdfDownload
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 T4 Week 2 - Standard English and Formality.pdfDownload
 T4 Week 2 Maths - Area and Perimeter of Rectangles and L Shapes.pdfDownload
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 T4 Week 1 - Perimeter.pdfDownload
 T4 Week 1 English - Modal Verbs.pdfDownload
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 T3 Week 6 - Algebra Part 2.pdfDownload
 T3 Week 6 - Simple Perfect Progressive Tenses.pdfDownload
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 T3 Week 5 -Algebra Part 1.pdfDownload
 T3 Week 5 -Tenses Part 1.pdfDownload
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 T3 Week 4 - Percentages of an Amount PART A.pdfDownload
 T3 Week 4 - Percentages of an Amount PART B problems.pdfDownload
 T3 Week 4 - The Function of Sentences.pdfDownload
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 T3 Week 3 - Fractions, Decimals and Percentages.pdfDownload
 T3 Week 3 - Relative Clauses.pdfDownload
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 T3 Week 2 - Converting units of measure.pdfDownload
 T3 Week 2 - Punctuating Direct Speech.pdfDownload
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 T3 Week 1 - Multiplying and Dividing by 10, 100 and 1000..pdfDownload
 T3 Week 1 - Prepositions.pdfDownload
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 T2 Week 6 - Fractions - Multiplying Fractions and Ordering decimals.pdfDownload
 T2 Week 6 - Parenthesis PART A.pdfDownload
 T2 Week 6 - Parenthesis PART B.pdfDownload
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 T2 Week 5 - Fractions - adding and subtracting.pdfDownload
 T2 Week 5 - Main vs Subordinate Clauses and its.pdfDownload
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Click on the following link for a video explanation of how to order two fractions. https://youtu.be/jhCKcRXiut0 The part on how to change the fractions applies to ordering, adding and subtracting. 

 T2 Week 4 - Equivalent Fractions and Ordering Fractions.pdfDownload
 T2 Week 4 - Noun Phrases and Relative Clauses.pdfDownload
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 T2 Week 3 - Finding Fractions of an amount.pdfDownload
 T2 Week 3 - Active and Passive again Questions.pdfDownload
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 T2 Week 2 - Active and Passive Voice.pdfDownload
 T2 Week 2 - The Four Operations - Order of Operations.pdfDownload
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 Week 7 - Possessive Apostrophes.pdfDownload
 Week 7 - The Four Operations - Division.pdfDownload
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https://youtu.be/lbhQJ1WSMDw  click this link to see a video explanation of how to divide by a two-digit number. 

 Multiplication Cheat Sheet.pdfDownload
 Week 6 - The Four Operations - Multiplication.pdfDownload
 Week 6 - Using Semi-colons in sentences.pdfDownload
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 Week 5 - The Four Operations - Subtraction.pdfDownload
 Week 5 - Using Colons in sentences.pdfDownload
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 Week 4 - Place Value 4 - Negative Numbers.pdfDownload
 Week 4 - Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives and Conjunctions.pdfDownload
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 Week 3 - Adverbial Phrases.pdfDownload
 Week 3 - Ordering Decimals and Rounding Decimals Cheat Sheet.pdfDownload
 Week 3 - Place Value 3 - Ordering and Rounding Decimal Numbers.pdfDownload
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 Week 2 - Adverbs and Prepositions.pdfDownload
 Week 2 - Determiners.pdfDownload
 Week 2 - Place Value and Rounding.pdfDownload
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Please see below for key updates and information about our week in Norfolk. We will try to update this page daily whilst away. 

 2022 02 Residential Letter.pdfDownload
 EV4 Parent Consent form 2023.docDownload
 Suggested Clothing - Kit List 2023.pdfDownload
 Weekly Itinerary.pdfDownload
 Y6 Residential Visit 2023 information leaflet.pdfDownload
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