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Church Events and our Clergy Team


Our Clergy 

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Our Church

St Chad’s Parish Church is a very special place and a short walk from school. We visit the church to come together for services, for community events and to support our curriculum work, take part in community.  Church also comes to school for Family Service each Sunday at 4pm.

Sunday Family Service - Photographs

 We are very pleased to offer the school hall and grounds to St Chad’s Church for their 4 ‘clock Sunday Service. every Sunday.

 This service was introduced in 2019 and engages families on a regular basis with over half of the congregation being children.  This is an active service where children can             explore the Christian Faith.

 National Younger Leadership Group 2022-23

This year we have been delighted to participate in the National Younger Leadership Group with children in Y4 and Y5 having the opportunity to join 300 schools from across the country (virtually) to think about What kind of Church we would like to see? Programme

 As a school community we attend church for the following services each school year:


As a school we are part of the wider church community:

As a school we visit the church to support our curriculum Work