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Year 3

Miss Balasz, Miss Bradshaw, Mrs Firth and Mrs Roden welcome you to Year 3. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask one of us. 

You can email the class teacher directly by using: 



Teaching about safeguarding 

As a school we are committed to safeguarding children from harm. We want to ensure children are aware of behaviour towards them that is not acceptable and how they can keep themselves safe. In the Year 3 curriculum we teach a programme of PSHE which looks at children keeping safe, how to look after themselves and how to recognise needs in others. Within our theme, children look at different texts, such as James and the Giant Peach, which look at different aspects of safeguarding children. We also focus on safeguarding in other lessons such as science where we look at nutrition, and computing where we look at how to keep safe online. There are also other opportunities within the school day where children can discuss safeguarding concerns. 

As part of the broader curriculum in Year 3 we routinely; 
Ensure each child knows they must talk to an adult If they are worried about themselves or another person.
Encourage each child to  identify a named adult/s to talk to if they are worried or somebody is  causing them to be upset or harm them.
Remind the class Mrs Appleby, Miss Bradshaw and Mrs Tipping have a special job in school to make sure everyone is safe. 

Inside the classroom......

Please watch our short video to see what your child's classroom is like. 

Please open the link below to view important information about Year 3 routines for the next academic year. 

Proposed Enrichment Activities 2023 / 2024

Term 1 - Stone Age Day 

Term 2 - Hindu experience Day 

Term 3 -Roman Workshop Day 

Term 4 - Rocks and Fossils workshop 

Term 5 - Snipe Dales visit 

Term 6 - Mini Olympics 

Term 1 Origins

In term 1 we learn about the origins of early man. We find out all about the Stone Age and what it might have been like to live their lifestyle.  In science, we learn about the origins of plants and used our observational drawing skills to draw the different parts of a plant. Here is some pictures from our Stone Age day. We created cave paintings using charcoal and berries. We made wattle and daub walls and we cooked fruit over the fire. 

Term 2 Journeys

In term 2 we will learn about journeys. Children look at the physical and human geography of different countries. They learn about traditional foods and set up their own companies to design and produce a product. We were also lucky to have a visit from Sunita where we learnt about Hindu stories and created some amazing Rangoli art. 

Home Learning 

Homework will be sent out on a Friday and we will give feedback on the following Wednesday. Work will be set via Google Classroom. 

Here is the document related to home learning expectations. This will explain how to complete the reading diaries and give you more information about home learning. Home learning 

Children will have weekly grammar and arithmetic activities to complete. These are linked to the work we are completing in class. Please see the list of maths facts we will focus on in Year 3. 

Year 3 maths 

We use Sumdog to help us to develop our key maths skills. There are loads of games we can play to help us. There are other fun games to play on these sites too. 




There will also be weekly spellings to learn. The test will be on a Friday. These tests will be linked to the weekly spelling rules. In addition to this, there are Year 3 /4 key words that children need to learn. We have split these into termly spellings to make them easier to learn. Please click below to see the list. 

Year 3 /4 termly spellings

This link will help you support your child to find a strategy that works for them when learning spellings. 

Spelling Strategy Support

You may also like to use Spelling Frame to help you to learn your spellings. 

Spelling Frame 

Children may also get theme homework. This will be a project they can complete over the term linked to our termly big question. Children will be able to choose how they present this project. 

Children are encouraged to read on a daily basis. We will monitor this with a reading diary that we ask to be completed and signed every week. 

Please click below for Year 3 recommended reading list.

Year 3 recommended reading list 

Reading Bookmark with questions

These websites may also help with home learning. 



Please some and see us if you have any questions. 


Important information

Children will need to come into school on Tuesday and Thursday in their PE kits. They will remain in their kits all day. 

Children are asked to bring their reading diaries to school every day. 

Each term we have key knowledge organisers that set out the facts and vocabulary that we need to know. Please find them here to help with your learning. 

Term 1: The Stone Age       Plants           French greetings       French numbers       French colours      RE

Term 2: Journeys                 Skeletons     French days    French months 

Term 3: Romans                  Light             French animals 

Term 4: Bridges                   Rocks and Soils      French numbers

Term 5: Rivers                     Magnets        French foods    French picnics

Term 6: Changes                 Muscles        French questions 

Term 3 Legacy

In this term we have learnt all about the legacy of the Romans. Children found out about life for the Celts and how it changed when the Romans invaded. They compared life today with life in Roman times and discovered that lots of changes the Romans made we still use today. Children had great fun on our Roman Day. Many wanted to be Romans after learning about how they lived. 

Term 4 Settlements

This term we learn about Dunholme in our theme of settlements. Children investigate how they could improve the village. 

Term 5 Rapid Rivers

This term we will learn about about rivers. Children will find out about the journey of the river. We visit Snipe Dales to investigate rives. 

Term 6 Changes

This term our theme is changes. We will learn about different inventions and the impact they have had on the world. Which invention do you think is the greatest?