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Below is are the slides shared with Year 3 during their transition morning with Mr. Harris. 

Year 3

Miss Balasz, Mrs Ackroyd and Mrs Roberts  welcome you to Year 3. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask one of us. 

You can email the class teacher directly by using 

catherine.ackroyd@dunholme.lincs.sch.uk (Thursday and Friday) or

suzi.balasz@dunholme.lincs.sch.uk (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) 


Inside the classroom......

Please watch our short video to see what your child's classroom is like. 

We have been keeping track of the growth of the baby giant panda at the Washington Zoo in the USA. They have a 24 hour panda cam that we have been watching each week to see how the panda changes as it grows. If you would like to watch at home, the link is https://nationalzoo.si.edu/webcams/panda-cam

Please open the link below to view important information about Year 3 routines for the next academic year. 

Proposed Enrichment Activities 2020 / 2021

Term 1 - 19th October Stone Age Day 

Term 2 - 19th November Hindu experience Day 

Term 3 - Lincoln Collection 

Term 4 - Rocks and Fossils workshop 

Term 5 - Snipedales visit 

Term 6 -Kinema in the Woods visit 

Term 5 Rapid Rivers

In term 5, we look at rivers. We find out hoe they are formed how they change over time and what they look like. 

Rivers plan for parents


There is a knowledge organiser for the work on rivers and also our work on magnets. 

Geography knowledge organiser

Science knowledge organiser 

Term 4 Settlements 

In term 4, we look at the settlement of Dunholme. We think about what we could do to further improve our village. 

Settlement plan for parents. 


There is a knowledge organiser with key facts and vocabulary for science and technology.


Science knowledge organiser 

Design and technology organiser 

Term 3 Roman Legacy 

In term 3, we look at the legacy of the Romans. We look for clues that they have left behind and see what changes they made they we still use today. 

Legacy plan for parents


There is a knowledge organiser with key facts and vocabulary for science and history.

History knowledge organier

Science organiser

Term 2 Journeys 

In term 2, we look at the journey of food. We investigate different countries and see where different foods are grown. Children will take part in an enterprise project related to food. 

Journeys plan for parents 

There is a knowledge organiser with key facts and vocabulary for science and geography. 

Geography knowldege organiser

Science knowledge organiser 

Term 1 Origins 

Term 1 begins with our theme of Origins. Children will travel back in time to find out about the origins of man. What did people do before cars, before electricity, before I pads?   

We will look at why people chose to settle where they did and how they survived. We will find out about clothing, food, hunting and shelter.

 We hope to make our own paints to create wonderful Stone Age style cave paintings.  


You can find our more about what we are learning by looking at our theme overview. 

Origins overview 

There is a knowledge organiser with key facts and vocabulary for science and history. Please use these to support your child at home. 

History knowledge organiser

Science knowledge organiser 

We learnt all about the Stone Age during our experience day.


Homework will be sent out on a Friday and we will give feedback on the following Wednesday. 

Overview of spelling rules for year 3. Please note that this is not always taught in the order shown. 

Overview of Year 3 Spelling rules

Spelling tests will be a Friday. 

Term 1: Termly Spelling List

Term 2: Termly Spelling List

Term 3:Termly Spelling List

Term 4: Termly Spelling List

Term 5: Termly Spellings

Term 6: Termly Spellings

This link will help you support your child to find a strategy that works for them when learning spellings. 

Spelling Strategy Support

Please click below for Year 3 recommended reading list.

Year 3 recommended Reading List.

Reading Bookmark with questions

We hope that children will keep a record of their home reading in their green reading record book. How many books can be read in a term? 

Maths homework will focus on key skills. Please see the following sheet for the facts we focus on in Year 3. 

Year 3 Maths Recall Facts Sheet

Please use this website to support all Curriculum homework. 





Weekly Homework

Please click on the links below to view the Year 3 homework for each week. We do not need children to bring anything into school but will assess how well they have done by weekly spelling and multiplication tests. Every Wednesday we will discuss the English homework and check children's understanding. Please email us if you have any queries. 

Term 1

Homework - 11.9.20

Homework - 18.9.20

Homework - 25.9.20 

Homework - 02.10.20

Homework - 09.10.20

Homework - 16.10.20


Term 2 - Please try and submit completed work in our Google Classroom. 

Home Learning (6.11.20) English         Maths           Maths Answers

Home Learning (13.11.20) English       Maths           Maths Answers         Weekly Spelling List

Home Learning (27.11.20) If you have not managed to complete all the sessions this week you may want to use this time to catch up. 

We would also like you to revise your weekly and termly spellings and your multiplication facts. The spellings can be found on the link below

Weekly Spelling List

For English please can you write a short book review based on the book you are currently reading. The template below may help you. 

Book Review Template                  

 Home Learning (4.12.20)

Home Learning is now placed on Google Classroom. Please email if you are having difficulty in accessing this so we can support you.     

 Home Learning (11.12.20) 

Spelling and English - Adding -ed to the end of a word. 

Spelling Activity             Spelling List

 Maths - You need to keep learning your multiplication patterns. 

Please complete the questionnaire on Google Classroom. 

Click to see our Curriculum Plan for each term

Term 1: Origins of Man

Term 2: Journeys

 Term 3: Roman Legacy

Term 4: Settlements

Term 5: Rapid Rivers

Term 6: Changes

Important information

Children will need to come into school on Tuesday and Thursday in their PE kits. They will remain in their kits all day. 

Homework is sent out every Friday and will be discussed the following Wednesday. Spelling tests will usually be on a Friday morning.

Remember to keep reading at home and record it in your reading diary. Your diary will stay at home and you will have a separate reading log in school. 

The spelling list for years 3 and 4 can be found here

For a full list of spelling rules and key words from year 1 to year 6, click here. 

For a list of the key maths facts children need to learn in Year 3, click here